Question Loosing Signal To ITV


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Any idea what’s happening, any idea of a fix

My setup: aerial cord from external aerial to Humax HR box, aerial out from Humax to Samsung TV. There are no other attachments

The problem: When I turn on my tv for the first time in the day, channel 3 (ITV) is missing and I receive the weak or no signal message. This has been happening for the past number of months. However, if I turn the power going into the Humax off and then back on again that seems to fix the problem for the rest of that day. It makes no difference if I turn the power to the tv off and on. Recording and playback don’t appear affected

My guess is that the fault lies with the Humax box but I can’t figure why. The only external issue that I can see is the lead from the aerial to the Humax, is a bit wobbly at the aerial socket. It’s one of those pre made leads.

Occasionally I will get a break up in picture. This is occasionally, but it effects all the channels.

With been locked down tv has become more important, any ideas ?



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First thing that comes to light is why are you using Channel 3 (SD) and not 103 (HD). Or is it your TV is only SD to start with. Other than that not sure of your problem.


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Look for an “ECO” setting in the menu of the Humax and turn it off.
Replace the the “wobbly” aerial lead.
If you still have problems report back but please include the Humax model no.


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My money is on hdmi to aerial cable cross-interference.

O'night standby hdmi signals are different to after a power on handshake has occurred. So interference frequency changes to make ITV reception ok.

But go over the aerial cables, remake plugs if handmade. Try other fly leads. Keep aerial and hdmi apart. Try a different hdmi cable.

Overnight Hummys look for an OTA update. Could try turning that feature off, too?


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Is it missing from the TV's tuner, the humax box's tuner or both?

Do other channels broadcast on the same frequency such as channel 4 work?

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