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Dec 31, 2003
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I just bought the game "space race" for the ps2. I haven't laughed so much in years. If you want entertainment, this is Definitely one of the best games out there.
Space Race was originally called Looney Tunes: Space Race on the Dreamcast and was ported over to the PS2.
Now that my bro has heard of it, he wants it on his GameCube (i'd agree 'cos having played mariocart, space race may not be smooth but it's funnier). Anyway, I was wondering if any one knows if it's available/ported to ngc. You could ask "why don't I just look on amazon or an official nintendo site", but amazon and play.com haven't even heard of my ps2 version and neither do any official sites acknowledge that the game exists (which is a bit sad really:( ).

Just wanted to know if anyone with game cube has heard of it and where it can be bought from.

:) Thanx

PS got mine brand new from WHSmith £9.99 - bit of a bargain I thought
Hmmm.. not come up on Amazon or PLAY? You might have spelt Looney wrong. In your title you spelt it Loony. Wrong, it has an "E" in it. Anyway, even spelt right it doesn't come up. Only "Looney Tunes: Back In Action" comes up. Will check to see if Space Race even exists on the Gamecube. Just checked and it's only out on the Dreamcast and PS2.

EDIT: It's also out on the N64.
I checked GAMEFAQs which is really reliable seeing as though it shows games that are coming soon and their released dates.
Thanx 4 that. Looking around those sites, looks as though it hasn't ever been considered for xbox or ngc release.
People in console shops haven't even heard of Space Race for the PS2 (like walking into Dixons and talking to a complete plum about which TV to buy, whilst they direct you to the toasters!).

Still, if anyone has any further info it would be appreciated.

PS the PS2 version is just called SPACE RACE. I've spelt LOONEY tunes any way you can think of already....still no luck
S'okay mate. Sounds like a good game. Would have liked to get it for my Cube but I plan on getting a PS2 sometime in the first quater of this year. If not then the first half...

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