Loony Toons on DVD


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Taken from R2-Project:

"It looks like the long awaited "Loony Toons" cartoons are set for release early next year. We understand the plan is to start releasing the disks in February, one a month until around May. Each disk will be themed to a specific character, so there will be a Bugs Bunny disk, a Daffy Duck disk, some will combine characters such as Wile E Coyote & Road Runner where the pair go together. I've no idea which episodes will one the disks or other details, I just hope Warner get the contents right as collectors will be interested in these disks and not the children's market."


That's all folks!

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Yeah read this as well Lex and the same as you and probably countless others around the world hope that Warners get it right with these classics :rolleyes: for such a big company they sure as hell know how to balls up just about everything they touch - i.e./snapper cases/bare bones dvd releases/warners bros shops (all but closed,what a franchise down the pan,the merchandise that could have been created along the lines of the `Walt disney classics collection` brings a tear to my eye :( ) record industry/t.v. (except Friends)/etc,etc.........
Will definetly be buying these if they are half decent,just nice to think that they will create something special for all the fans,collectors around the world.


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I bought the Gremlins Special Edition DVD last week - it is the first Warner Bros DVD I have bought in a while and I couldn't believe how badly it was presented - static poor quality menus, snapper case, and general poor design. WB really are lousy - I just can't believe that they are not even attempting to improve the quality of their products - surely they realise that they have the worst DVD range of all the studios. :rolleyes: :(


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This is great news. Let's hope that Warner's also don't censor some of the older releases, from the 1930's and 1940's though, just like Disney did with "Fantasia". And I really, really hope that they make the compilations at least 2 hours in length, and not less than an hour, like they did with the VHS releases.

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