Looney Tunes - Blu-Ray Collection 2 Announced!

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For those of you who bought the Volume 1 Blu-Ray Collection, Volume 2 has now been announced, for release on 16th October 2012. :clap: You can pre-order it now. The following details taken from Amazon.com, so may not be 100% correct:

A WILD HARE (1940) - Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd (the first cartoon to have Bugs' personality associated with the rabbit).
BUCKAROO BUGS (1944) - Bugs Bunny
LONG-HAIRED HARE (1949) - Bugs Bunny
ALI BABA BUNNY (1957) - Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck
SHOW BIZ BUGS (1957) - Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck
THE WISE QUACKING DUCK (1943) - Daffy Duck
WHAT MAKES DAFFY DUCK? (1948) - Daffy Duck
BOOK REVUE (1946) - Daffy Duck
DEDUCE, YOU SAY (1956) - Daffy Duck as Dorlock Homes & Porky Pig as Watkins
PORKY IN WACKYLAND (1938) (B&W) - Porky Pig
YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES (1940) (B&W) - Daffy Duck & Porky Pig
PORKY IN EGYPT (1938) (B&W) - Porky Pig
BACK ALLEY OPROAR (1948) - Sylvester
LITTLE RED RODENT HOOD (1952) - Sylvester
CANNED FEUD (1951) - Sylvester
GIFT WRAPPED (1952) - Tweety & Sylvester
BIRDY AND THE BEAST (1944) - Tweety & Sylvester
HOME, TWEET HOME (1950) - Tweety & Sylvester
GOING! GOING! GOSH! (1952) - Roadrunner & Coyote
ZIPPING ALONG (1953) - Roadrunner & Coyote
SCENT-IMENTAL ROMEO (1951) - Pepe Le Pew
THE FOGHORN LEGHORN (1948) - Foghorn Leghorn
THE HIGH AND THE FLIGHTY (1956) - Foghorn Leghorn & Daffy Duck
TABASCO ROAD (1957) - Speedy Gonzalas
MEXICALI SHMOES (1959) - Speedy Gonzalas
Disc #1 also has bonus featurettes, commentaries by animation experts and alternative audio tracks.

DISC 2 (This disc presents a special favorite selected by cartoon fans in an online poll)
WABBIT TWOUBLE (1941) - Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd (voted on-line as a fan favorite)
RABBIT FIRE (1951) - Bugs & Daffy in the first of the "pronoun trouble" trilogy.
RABBIT SEASONING (1952) - Bugs & Daffy in the second of the "pronoun trouble" trilogy.
DUCK! RABBIT, DUCK! (1953) Bugs & Daffy in the third of the "pronoun trouble" trilogy.
DRIP-ALONG DAFFY (1951) - Daffy Duck & Porky Pig western parody.
MY LITTLE DUCKAROO (1954) - Daffy Duck & Porky Pig western parody.
BARBARY-COAST BUNNY (1956) - Bugs Bunny & Nasty Canasta
TORTOISE BEATS HARE (1941) - Bugs Bunny & Cecil Turtle, first in hare & turtle trilogy
TORTOISE WINS BY A HARE (1943) - Bugs Bunny & Cecil Turtle, second in hare & turtle trilogy
RABBIT TRANSIT (1947) - Bugs Bunny & Cecil Turtle, third in hare & turtle trilogy
PORKY'S HARE HUNT (1938) (B&W) - Porky Pig and a white rabbit (forerunner to Bugs Bunny).
HARE-UM SCARE-UM (1939) - A hunter & rabbit, forerunners to Elmer Fudd & Bugs Bunny.
PREST-O CHANGE-O (1939) - two dogs are heckled by a magic white rabbit (forerunner to Bugs Bunny).
ELMER'S CANDID CAMERA (1940) - Elmer Fudd hunts a gray rabbit that is not quite yet Bugs Bunny.
BUGS BUNNY GETS THE BOID (1942) - Bugs Bunny & Beaky Buzzard
THE BASHFUL BUZZARD (1945) - Beaky Buzzard
THE LION'S BUSY (1950) - Beaky Buzzard
STRIFE WITH FATHER (1950) - Beaky Buzzard
AN ITCH IN TIME (1943) - Elmer Fudd
A HORSEFLY FLEAS (1948) - the flea from An Itch In Time
HOLLYWOOD STEPS OUT (1941) - Hollywood characters
PAGE MISS GLORY (1936) - an art deco one-shot cartoon.
ROCKET-BYE BABY (1956) - a sci-fi one-shot.
RUSSIAN RHAPSODY (1944) - wartime themed musical.
DOUGH RAY ME-OW (1948) - Louie the Parrot & Heathcliff the housecat
Disc #2 also has bonus featurettes, commentaries by animation experts and alternative audio tracks.

DISC 3 (Included in Blu-ray Set Only)
- King-Size Comedy: Tex Avery and the Looney Tunes Revolution
- Tex Avery, the King of Cartoons
- Friz on Film
- ToonHeads: The Lost Cartoons
- Real American Zero: The Adventures of Private Snafu
- The World of Leon Schlesinger
- Friz at MGM
- The Best of the Rest of Tex (MGM Tex Avery Cartoons!)
- Private Snafu
- Mr. Hook
Disc three, is devoted entirely to special content and rarities from the vault. Hours and hours of extras include several documentaries with expert commentary and behind-the-scenes information from popular animators, famous directors, animation historians and celebrated devotees. Lost cartoons from the World War II era, including Private Snafu and Seaman Hook, rare Leon Schlesinger staff Christmas Party films, documentaries covering Friz Freleng and Tex Avery with bonus Freleng Captain and the Kids cartoons and a selection of Tex Avery's best cartoons from MGM are also included.

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