looks like Im down to these 2:-Samsung LE40R87/88 or Sony KDL40S2530


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Ok looking for a HDTV for my Xbox 360 and V+

Looks like Im down to these 2 choices on my budget (unless someone knows better) the Samsung LE40R87/88 or Sony KDL40S2530, both about the same price

The Sammy is the new one just out, so take it it is better than the now cheaper LE40R74 models.

Can anyone help me? I cnnot find a review anywhere for the Sammy



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anyone help please?

In general are the Sony's better? as they are Sony's? or are teh Samsung really good?

It'll mainly be used for watching V+ SD stuff, until more HD stuff comes and normal SD DVDs..and Xbox 360 when I can get the TV free!!



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I saw the Sony a few days ago fed with a HD DVD player and was quite impressed. They have great colour processing and these new Sony panels seem much better than previous sets. I still think their SD performance isn't great - though to be fair that could be said of most HD LCD panels.

The Samsung panels are popular but i think they are bettered by the new Sony's - with the exception of the 40" 1080p 'F' series Sammi (£999) which is excellent with HD - as is the Sharp XD1E if you can find a 'good' one.

You really need to see them all in action before you decide - as any LCD can be disappointing when watching SD material - though the V+ box may make a better job of it.

All will look superb with the xBox 360 - especially the F series Sammi.

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