Looking to upgrade my old Home Cinema system - a few questions!


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I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to all this so sorry if i don't really know what i'm on about!!

I currently have a Sony DAV-SC5 DVD Home Cinema System, had it many years now and it's been a great servant. However, i've not treated myself for a while so I am considering getting something new!

I have Blu Ray player, Sky HD and Xbox 360 all connected via HDMI to the TV for picture, and optical to the reciever (through a 3-way optical splitter/selector) for sound.

Now, if i were to get a new reciever (Amplifier i believe?) would the sound be THAT much better to justify the price?

Would i need to get new speakers & sub too?

Do most recievers have more than one optical IN, as, although i'm no expert, i can't imagine this splitter thing i have is doing me any favours in terms of sound quality?

Would the way i connect my equipment up to my TV for video change as well?

Thanks in advance and sorry for all the questions!!!


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A new reciever will mean you could get HD audio from blurays which will be an improvement over your current system and also the sound quality on other sources will be better.
On the speakers what impedance are your current ones (anything below 4 ohms should not be used with an AV reciever) and is your sub active or passive (all av recievers need active subs). As a general comment most all in one speakers are not suitable for use with AV recievers so you would need to buy speakers as well.
On the optical front most new recievers only have one or two optical inputs but that is because you do not want ot connect via optical in most cases. For your bluray player you get the best sound by connecting it to the reciever via the HDMI. The only source you would want to connect via optical would be the Sky box since this only sends dolby digital via optical and not HDMI.


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Cheers for the reply.

I already heard about Sky not outputting DD via HDMI so that's cool. Would i connect the Sky box to the Amp for video, or directly into the TV as it is now?


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you can do either. So you can connect it to the reciever if you want to use it to switch between sources or you can have it direct to the TV if you are not bothered by this. It is up to you.

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