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Lord K

Hi all,
Long time away from here so I'm a new user basically.

Can anyone please offer some recommendations for my new AV amp. My last / current is the Yamaha DSP A5...yes I know its rather old, I bought it new in 2000.
I am and have been really pleased with this amp, especially I like the "Sound effects" such as concert hall, rock, etc. I am only looking to upgrade because I have set up my cinema room and can no longer tolerate my separate HDMI matrix (switching box) & arm full of remote controls. Oddly, I cant seem to get the sound from my hard-drive files to play DTS either. I am also looking to upgrade the full experience hence 4k (preferably 8k), Alexa, 7.2, Atmos, Bluetooth, minimum HDMI ports 4 in / 2 out with 2.3 copy protecting with 2.1 spec and a whole load more waffle.

I have been looking online at the Denon AVR-X 2600 / 2700 but am concerned by the lack of sound fields (DSP / effects), this took me to the Yamaha RXV6A but this only has 1 HDMI output. Just had a look at the Yamaha 2080 refurb (Major online seller) but dont really feel comfortable spending this much on slightly older tech? with shorter warranty
Currently not possible to visit any HIFI shops to see what's available so I'm hoping for some online thoughts. My budget was originally around £500 but I can stretch to more if necessary, I think that allowing for inflation my A5 would have cost £1k in todays money. I would consider used but really hoping for latest spec. & full warranty as I hope to keep it for a long time.
Paired with 2 Castle Howards, 1 mission sub, Kef Q85s (2 fitted, 2 spare ready for Atmos) and Kef matching front centre. My existing amp has enough power for me and I'm not looking to change my speakers.


Modern receivers and amps are going to sound better with better DSP modes than your old receiver simply because DACs and processing has improved tremendously over 20 odd years. The two modes you would need for Atmos to be able to upmix non Atmos content are Dolby Surround and DTS:Neural.

For your budget, or rather slightly more a Denon X2700 would fit your needs, the X2600 if you can find one, would be equally as good. The main difference between these models is the 8K abilities of the X2700. If you don't need that then save a couple of bob. All Denons are very easy to set up and use.

AudioT are currently offering the Denon X2700 with a five year warranty.


Lord K

Thanks Gibbsy, I half suspected (hoped) processing power / Dacs had improved, perhaps thats why it appears not so may manufactures "bother" with effects.
Regrettably I haven't sampled any of the recent (Read: this century) audio delights due to a busy life but now have time to myself again. Yes the denon 2700 is within my budget, just wish I could listen to one first, although I guess I can wait another couple of weeks if necessary (Lock down here).

Mango Bob

Active Member
Just upgraded my 15 year old Yamaha DSP-AX750 to an RXA-1080, was just after hdmi connectivity but can confirm the Yamaha sound is still lovely (50/50 music/movies for me).

Sounds like it's close to your budget if you're happy with open box:

It's noticeably clearer and more punchy in movies, took a while to get music how i like it as lots more options!


The Yamaha found above will certainly give a superior stereo music performance to the Denon if that is important for you.

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