Looking to replace Sony DA3500ES, (older Arcam/Cambridge Audio or new mid range Sony)

So I've just bought a new LG nano led TV, and found out that my ageing Sony DA3500ES doesn't have hdmi arc. Which is kinda annoying. I must have been using it with an optical on my old plasma but the remote used to work with the volume and on/off. So I'm reluctantly looking at replacing the receiver.

I have no concerns about the audio on the Sony, though from time to time I did wonder about getting some additional power amps for it. So I'm looking at either getting a new mid range AV receiver, maybe a Sony DN1080 or an older Arcam 450 or Cambridge Audio CXR 120. The sony can be had for bout £400, and the Arcam/CA can be had for about £500-600. All seem to have the crucial arc connection I need.

I'm wondering whether I'm getting more bang for my buck going for something a little older. I've no interest in Atmos or streaming features, but I am bothered about audio quality and I suppose to a lesser extent longevity.

I have some older Spendor SP1s as my fronts, and SP2 as my surrounds with a Spendor CR3 centre and a BK monolith sub.

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The Cambridge Audio or Arcam will be loads better than the Sony. But, there is some risk with that investment, as presumably they are used.

Strangely I have had a Sony 3500ES, and a Cambridge Audio CXR200, and two Arcam's, as well as a Yamaha, Denon and Marantz AVR's.

Both Arcam and Cambridge Audio are a step above all of the others, but I don't think you can really do it on a budget, they are not the most reliable, you would really want a warranty with them.

The Denon and Marantz are decent enough, you could probably get a Denon AVR3x00 or a Marantz SR601x, brand new with warranty just in budget. Don't get the Denon if you want to use it for music.

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