Question Looking to replace my DAB radio with something but not sure what

Peter Lanky

I currently use a DAB radio in the kitchen for listening to the radio for maybe 2 hours per day when preparing or eating food. I listen to either Planet Rock or Classic FM depending on mood, but both stations tend to be predictable and repetitive. Cue the need for internet radio.

I already have a significant range of streaming audio equipment, therefore this is not going to be my main source. I have looked at stand alone internet radios, but these seem to be quite expensive for decent quality, and also have features I don't really feel I need. I have a home network with good wifi and also a NAS with all my ripped music in flac format, as well as a "TuneIn" account as the source of my internet radio so what I think I need is something that will just use the gear I have already got, with some form of simple control so that I have a one-box compact solution.

I've also looked at smart speakers, but these seem to be geared towards a Star Trek like desire to speak to a box to do everything, which is something that doesn't interest me at all.

It may well be that just buying an internet radio is the best option, but I want to get the opinion of others before doing this. I don't really want to spend more than £100 on this.


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Recently, I’ve had to replace my bedside radio. Rather than integral iOS docking ability I sought a new device that I could attach a separate charging dock, so that if Apple’s connectivity method changes again I wouldn’t have to change the whole radio.

The Ruark R1 Mk3 that I now have isn’t directly internet capable, but I can stream internet radio to it via Bluetooth. You can add Chromecast for internet radio, for example.

On paper, the R1 doesn’t look to be very powerful at all, but it fills the room nonetheless.

I bought a ‘graded’ R1 directly from Ruark. It’s substantially cheaper than buying new/retail. There’s nothing ‘graded’ about it. I defy anyone to find anything substandard about it compared to the full-priced offering.

Given the same purchasing decision again, I wouldn’t hesitate.

R1 Mk3 deluxe Bluetooth radio (graded)


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You can get a Yamaha WX-030 for £119. However, a Libratone Zipp would allow direct selection of five preset internet radio stations but at £149 is a little over budget but has a lot of features. If you don't want to spend a lot have a look at the Jam Audio Symphony as it has four presets for only £59.

Peter Lanky

Using info from the suggestions above, and checking similar products I've been looking at the Roberts R-Line S1 or S2 at £45 and £59 respectively. Anyone used one?


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But there are no direct presets with the Roberts units so you would have to use the App on your phone just to change stations.

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