Looking To Purchase New Laptop - Video/Photo Editing


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Sep 28, 2018
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What is your budget?
From what I've found available, absolute maximum of £1,200 but hoping less.

What size laptop do you want?
Around the 16" size. Currently have 17.3" but prices are ridiculous or the specs are too low.

Do you have resolution requirements?
Minimum of 1080, anything else is a bonus.

Do you prefer a matte or glossy (reflective) screen?

What will you be using the laptop for?
It will be used for everything. Primarily everyday internet browsing, Office Apps, Photo and Video Editing (4K). More 'home video' than anything serious.

If you will be gaming, what games do you need to play?

How long does the battery need to last?
Anything over 3 hours would be ample. Current one lasts about 5 minutes!

Does it need to be portable?
Not necessary. It's a laptop and that's where it will spend it's time, and I have a carry bag if I need to take it anywhere.

Do you require Blu-Ray player or need the ability to play older disc media?
Not necessary. Current laptop has a Bluray drive/writer and probably used it a couple of dozen times in the 9 years I've had it.

Do you require HDMI output?
Was going to say yes as I sometimes connect it to the TV, but noticed there are adaptors available.

Do you have a preferred brand?
Not necessarily. Prefer a more recognised brand over unknown brand with good specs.

Are there brands you would prefer to avoid?

Would you be happy with a refurbished laptop?
No. I bought my current Acer laptop 9 years ago (i7 3rd Gen) and it has lasted me well. It's just getting too long in the tooth.

Any other details you feel necessary...
Since this new laptop is going to have to last me several years, I'm looking for something with a higher spec and which has future upgrade potential, but some of the laptops I've looked at either can't be upgraded (soldered memory) or the site doesn't specify. I've upgraded my existing laptop first to a bigger HDD and then to a SSD and kept the HDD as well, which helps split the OS and the data. I've also upped the memory to it's max.

As an indicator of what I'm looking for, the best I've managed to find is the MSI Creator Z16 which has an Intel Core i7-11800H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 SSD, Killer Wi-Fi 6E, Windows 10 Home and can be upgraded to 64GB RAM and has two NVMe slots.
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AMD CPUs are more efficient per watt used than Intels 11th and 12th gen.

I’d personally forgo the Nvidia graphics card as it just tanks your battery life if you don’t have a proper graphics switch that some manufacturers don’t implement (I’ll try find the exact detail) but it does add raw power to your system.
Thanks for those two suggestions. I like the pricing of the Victus, but leaning towards the Omen as it has a higher quality screen in terms of resolution and gamut, and it has an additional 2GB VRAM.

I've been looking at reviews of the Omen 16 and the other laptops it's compared against, and it pretty much beats everything it's compared to (spec and price range wise). I'll see if anyone else has any other possibles before proceeding. Only downside I've seen on any new laptop is that it comes with Windows 11 Home, when I'd prefer to have Windows 10 Pro.
Only downside I've seen on any new laptop is that it comes with Windows 11 Home, when I'd prefer to have Windows 10 Pro.
Only enterprise laptops really come standard with Win pro.

Can’t see the benefit of having pro but you can get a key online for next to nothing these days.

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