looking to mount my plasma on my wall...help


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Right, i removed a light socket so you guys can have a look:

I dont have a clue about any of this but it looks as though the wall is plasterboard sheet (it leaves fine white dust when you scrape at it).
It is 3cm thick.

If you put your hand in (pic below) and bend to the right there is a wooden batton running vertically.

There is a 7cm void gap (in pic above) measuring from the plasterboard to what looks like a plastic sheet covering insulation. I don't know how thick the insulation is nor what is behind that, i'm assuming brick as it is a party wall????

What is the best way for fixing a plasma mount to the wall? i have measure the distance from the wall to that first batton and its 400mm. i though the next one would also be 400mm along. i can't check physically how far the next batton is so using a stud detector it seems to pic things up about every 400mm but not all the way up and down the wall at a 400mm interval. it''l beep for a second while you go down the wall but then will stop again whereas on the first batton it seems to beep all the while you go down the wall at the 400mm interval.

should i chance it and just screw in at a 400mm point where i want the bracket from the first batton?
if so, what fixings should i use to go through the plasterboard and the wood batton???
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100mmx5mm screws will do the job or 4" 10's if you want imperial. There will be a stud every 400mm as you said running vertically and maybe a row of noggings running horizontally in the middle. Just make sure you hit 2 studs


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thanks for the info. do
i part drill then screw in to a baton or screw all the way?

orange peel, ha ha it doesn't look anywhere near as that in the flesh think the camera has exagerrated it somwhat lol


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I have a similar wall construction to you but without the wooden battens. I have the plasterboard backed with an insulation foam and then dot and dabbed onto thermalite brick. I mounted my plasma (50") using M8 threaded bar that I bonded into the wall. To do this I cut 150mm lengths of bar and drilled through the plasterboard into the wall. I then used a 2 part resin that went into a cartridge gun (used for silicon sealant etc.) which I injected into the hole. Then put the bar into the hole so had enough sticking out of wall to put a locking nut on to secure the bracket. This gave me a very strong bond to the wall and much better than just using the battens in my opinion. All in it was around £15 for the resin and another £2 or £3 for the threaded bar/nuts.

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