Looking to go 6.1 / 7.1 - help!



Currently have 5 Kef Eggs looking to get new amp and go for 6.1 or 7.1.

Firstly, advice required on speakers - two more eggs or could I buy 2 different KEF fronts?

Secondly, positioning, bearing in mind my sofa is against the rear wall, any ideas where to put 4 rear egg speakers?

I was thinking of putting two eggs on the wall above the sofa near the ceiling (about 2.20M) pointing downwards - is this feasible? If so how far apart from each other should they be?

The other two on the adjacent walls? Again, can this be done? and how far from the rear corners should they go along the wall? Potentially one of these would be above a window, the other above a door.

The four rears would be at the same height, the fronts would be on stands and the centre on a cabinet. Do the differing heights mattter?

Then with a new amp I was going to sort out the relevant delays.

Is this a load of nonsense, cheers :confused: :)


As you seem to be happy with the eggs, why not just buy 2 more ?

Ideally there should be space behind you to benefit from the extra channels. I for one will not try it until i have the space.

Assuming your existing rear channels are on the side walls, try positioning the other two rears high up on the rear wall but, facing each other, to try and diffuse the sound a little.

Your two side surround speakers should be around the seating position.

The different heights between fronts and rears does not matter so much. Just keep fronts the same, and rears the same. Obviously some living practicalities will limit this to a degree.



Yes. Two more eggs should do nicely, and they will match what you have.

Regarding placement, there is a very nice article on Dolby's site. The article is at http://www.dolby.com/ht/Guide.HomeTheater.0110.html

Section 3 of this document contains lots of information about placement. It should help you with what you want. I have had occasions of emailing the guys at Dolby with questions not covered in their knowledge base and they were very helpful.

Shout if you need more info.

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