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I've been on the fence for a long time - before Quest II was released. I nearly did buy a Quest I, but after learning that I would need a FB account to play games on it, I decided against the purchase; I don't like FB one bit.
Now, nearly 2yrs later, I'm once again considering VR.
I don't know what to expect, as I have never played a VR game.

Currently, the only 'game' I play is Run8 V3, a railroad simulator. It's mainly math, using the CPU, not the GPU, and runs fine at 2K on my Asus Tuf Gaming 27in screen with my RTX2070 Super and Ryzen 7 3700X on an Asus Tuf Gaming X570 Plus WiFi mobo.

But if I'm not confusing the Quest II with another system, it makes no difference what video card (or PC for that matter) you have, as the Quest II is a stand-alone system. Please correct me if I am wrong on this.

I am particularly interested in rock climbing or mountaineering games, which I think would be awesome on a VR headset.
I also enjoy simulators - the train sim, and I would enjoy a good VR flight sim (assuming I also purchase the flight yoke, etc)
I am not into FPS at all.

I just read another thread here about the upcoming price increase on the Quest II. Should I jump off the fence and buy a Quest II now, hoping that a FB account won't be required for much longer?
So, what do you suggest?



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I am not an expert but fwiw….

The q2 has two completely separate modes .

1. As a stand-alone vr device that requires nothing other than itself I.e. it has the screen, the cpu, the ram, the gpu, the storage, everything in the headset other than the controllers, which are also in the box.

You could use it in this mode forever and it’s the mode meta intended it to be used in.

Obviously in this mode the power of the system is driven by the cpu/gpu/ram in the headset. You buy apps and games direct from meta and nowhere else. Afaik.

2. Mode two uses the headset as nothing more than a screen . You connect it to your pc and the pc does all the cpu, gpu, ram and storage tasks . All of them, the q2 is literally a screen in this mode.
In mode 2 you can play vr games from steam or basically any vr ready game that runs on your pc. The ‘quality’ of the experience could be much improved if your pc, which many will be, is more powerful than the rather weak system in the headset.

As for the games/sims available in each mode then I don’t have the experience. I’ve dabbled with a q2 for about a week on driving sims and then decided to wait for the 40xx cards before I jump back in . So mine is sat on the shelf, waiting


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Buy a Quest 2 TODAY I think today is the last day that you can get one for 300 quid/dollars.

The Facebook requirement is ending this month, you'll need to setup a Meta account instead.

If sims are your thing you'll be in heaven, sims and horror games are worth buying a VR headset for alone.

You don't need a PC to use the Quest 2 but you'll have a much better experience with one.

If you like climbing games you can pick up The Climb and The Climb 2 from the Quest Store, there's also a PC version of the first Climb game and it's cross buy, meaning that if you buy it from either store you can play both versions without needing to buy it again.

Fanatical have a sale on racing sims at the moment here:



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Thanks for your help;

There are several versions of the Q2. One is "2022...", I would assume that's the latest one?
The 256GB is going for $649 on Amazon:

There are the basic models, then there are bundled. I guess I need to do some reading before making the plunge.

Should I buy from Amazon, or directly from the Oculus store? I get 5% back on Amazon with my rewards card.

Edit: I found the Q2 256GB (basic setup) on Best Buy for $399. Is this the old price, or the new price?

Edit2: Is the 256GB worth the extra $100 compared to the 128GB?
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Well, I pulled the trigger. I bought the Quest 2 256GB for $399 at Best Buy.
I will assume that once I receive and set up the system, I will go to the Meta store and purchase the games I want.
If I need to set up a FB account (at least for now), I guess I'll just have to live with it.


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$399 is the old price for the 256GB version, the new price is $499. 128GB is fine, the games are pretty small mostly.

Have just had a look here in the UK and it's looking like the increase has happened over here already.

Go for the Best Buy one if you can't find a 128GB one for $299. If you're going to pay $399 you might as well get an extra 128GB for your money.

Don't worry about getting a more comfortable strap for now because you may find the default strap comfortable enough, and if/when you do don't go for the official Elite strap because it's crap. Go for the Kiwi or Bobo M2 straps instead.


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If you've never experienced VR before your mind will be blown. It's MUCH better than you think it will be, everyone that's tried my headset has said that. 😁


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Thanks for that info. I'll have to save this thread somewhere on my PC so I can refer to it later.
I went for the 256GB for $399 because I am hoping that this set will last me at least a few years, before I need/want to upgrade. I don't think I'll have more than 30 games installed on the headset at once, but who knows what games might come along in the future, requiring more RAM.

One positive aspect of the new - higher - price is that, if for some reason I decide I don't like the Quest 2 (and VR in general), I should be able to sell the slightly used set for what I paid for it.
That said, I cannot think of a reason I wouldn't enjoy VR; I guess it's the headset itself I am thinking about. I read somewhere that the Q2 doesn't have such great 'adjustability' in the screens, so it may not fit some faces too well. But I have a more or less average size head/face, so that shouldn't be an issue for me.


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I am setting up my new Meta Quest 2. I am a bit confused as to whether I still need the phone app to set up my Meta account. I don't have, nor do I want a Facebook account.
I installed the Oculus app for Android, but there isn't an option to create a Meta account.
Do I just put on the headset, power it up, and do it from VR? Or do I have to wait a few days/weeks before Meta rolls out the new system?
I am currently charging the Quest 2, so I haven't turned it on yet.

Thanks For your help.


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Well, It looks like Meta login has not gone live yet, so if I want to use my new Quest 2, I will need to create a FB account.
That said, I am unable to even see the Quest 2 headset in my phone's BT list after a scan.
I contacted Meta support, and they suggest clearing USB cache (among other things). I haven't tried that yet, but I'm wondering whether I will need to first log into the Oculus (Meta) app on my phone before it will even recognize the headset. Is this possible? With my other BT devices (Jabra Elite Active 75t, JBL/UA Train Wireless, Samsung Watch 4, the phone's BT finds them without any apps installed or logged into. I would think that BT detection is OS/phone/device dependent, and not software dependent, but maybe I'm wrong.

In any case, with the imminent implementation of Meta login, I may just wait until it is live before I try to use my Quest 2.
But what about using the Quest 2 with Oculus link? Would I still need to log into my account to use it?

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