looking to buy RP set.....


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i am looking to buy a rear projection tv,possibly a tosh set.i am after any views and recomended sets about 50".
any posts would be great.
room 12' by 12'
3802 amp
aegis speakers
2 tosh dvd players
and lots of consoles!


Hya I,ve recently just ordered a tosh 562 set and my room would be of similar size to your own. i have seen this set in action and just think it is amazing the picture and sound quality aren sublime. up to urself but you should check out the review of this set on this website and if possible go to a local tv store to see if they have one up and running. trust me size does matter.


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do you think this would be a better choice than a projector for similar money?


I'd have to wave the flag for the Thomson 44PW611
I bought mine about a month ago and it's truly awesome.
The picture is stunning, as is the cabinet, and with a good feed (even composite DVD from my PS2) it makes a mockery of any 32" TV I've seen.

All for £1500.

The only downside if I have to pick one is the light streaking that can occur to the right of certain bright hues. This is something I read about in these forums and, to be honest, if I hadn't read about them I'd still not have noticed them.

Most Comet stores carry these babies but don't have them well setup and typically feed them a poor signal.

My room is 12x10 and although this TV fills a good chunk, the rather lovely design makes it a piece of furniture rather than an obtrusive piece of equipment.

Please give it consideration - it's a beaut.

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