Looking to buy my very first iPad Pro (2020) and would appreciate some help and advice.


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I'm venturing into the unknown here being a PC, Laptop and Samsung Galaxy S10+ user, but I'm wanting to jump in and get an iPad Pro 2020. I'm just wondering about a few things.

I have my laptop that is fine for everything, but sometimes I'd like to just go out somewhere or go 'lighter' and have something a bit more portable, especially as laptop batteries don't tend to last for much time at all compared to something like an iPad.

I'm looking toward the 12.9" Pro 2020 1TB model, I'll list my intended uses below. The 11" is very tempting at half the price of the 12.9"

My intended uses
(Not as a 'main system' of course, I have my PC I'd bounce things too for that, but more something I can work with on the move)

Music Production
Essentially Garageband and whatever other apps that I fancy as I have noticed that the iPad's app store has so many more apps to use than on Android, where I can barely even get an audio interface to work. I understand that Logic is not available on an iPad as it is on a Macbook, but that is fine as Garageband and other apps will be ample for my intended uses.

I plan to use something like my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd gen with a USB-USB-C adapter, though I may get a 3rd gen for use with the iPad as they are officially supported by Focusrite, are class compliant devices, do not work on Android and the biggest plus..
..I have read that iPad Pro's can supply bus power to Audio Interfaces and even USB drives. I presume this is true?

Video Production
I'm not sure what apps are available here, but 4K video on the front camera and 1080p on the rear camera's are perfect.

Graphic Design
Again I'm not sure what apps are available here, but I would likely go for adding an apple pencil either in the future or with the iPad Pro if I were to get a good deal.

I'm a bit of a gamer, so it would be nice to have games to play sometimes too. Here is a list of the ones I'd likely be getting, ones marked with '<<<<' I'll definitely be getting if they are all still available:
9th Dawn III
Alien: Blackout
Assassins Creed: Rebellion
Atom RPG
Bad North: Jotunn Edition
Baldur's Gate
Banner Saga
Battleheart Legacy
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes
Darkest Dungeon <<<<
Dawn of Isles
Death Road to Canada
Divinity: Original Sin 2
Don't Starve: Pocket Edition
Dragalia Lost
Elder Scrolls: Blades
FAR: Lone Sails
FTL: Faster Than Light
Genshin Impact
Grand Mountain Adventure
GRID Autosport
Grimvalor <<<<
GTA: San Andreas (and other games)
Hearthstone <<<<
Kingdom Two Crowns
Life is Strange <<<<
Minecraft (Watch out for AR VERSION)
Neverwinter Nights
Northgard <<<<
Pascal's Wager <<<<
Pirate Action RPG
Plants vs. Zombies
Pocket Build <<<<
Pocket City <<<<
‎Prison Architect <<<<
ROME: Total War <<<<
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI <<<<
Sky Children of Light
Slayaway Camp
Star Wars: KOTOR <<<<
Stardew Valley
Terraria <<<<
The Escapists
The Escapists 2 <<<<
The Survivalists <<<<
The Walking Dead Telltale Series 1-3 + Michonne <<<<
This War of Mine <<<<
Tropico <<<<
XCOM 2 Collection <<<<
XCOM: Enemy Within <<<<
Xenowerk Tactics <<<<

..and of course the usual browsing, social media, reading, listening to music, video calls, etc.. and..

Watching some tv and movies
I've seen adapters that allow connection to a 4K TV via HDMI, would this allow me to connect it to my amp and have dolby atmos too, or just my 4K movies appear with normal sound on my tv?

I have, however, read that there may a new model released as early as next month, so I'm not sure weather to take my finger off of the trigger till then, or, just go with the 2020 model?

I know the 2021 is rumoured possibly have:
USB-C - Like current models, which is what I need.
A possibility of a 'mini-LED' (or OLED?) Display rather than LCD.
An A14 chip, or even a modified version of it (A14X?), as the latest iPad Air sports an A14 chip which is a little better than the 2020 Pro, yet the Pro is meant to be the flagship model.
Quite possibly the same camera's both front and rear, which is a shame.
5G Capability, though I'm not sure 5G would bother me at all, 4G is fine.
Folding Displays - Damn I hope not.

Any more advice and things I'd need to know?

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I use the pro 11" ( the previous one, not one with LIDR).

My wife uses the same one as well.

She does a huge amount of video editing and graphics work on hers.
Uploading many videos a week to web.
I mainly use mine for web, email and video as well as book reading.

All the apps are free, for video, music. Graphic design huge choice of apps.


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The rumour-mill is running wild re the Pro. It was looking like we were to expect an update announced in the middle of March, then counter-rumours saying that they’re not.

Regardless, if time isn’t critical, there’s no way I’d drop a grand on a Pro for it to be replaced by what promises to be a noticeably improved model within a few months. (The screen in particular is important for me, so if it has mini-led, it’s a worthwhile upgrade).

Apple probably have a bit of an issue with people holding back now. It doesn’t take much internet research to find the upgrade rumours, so whether they're true or not, a good chunk of people won’t pull the trigger.


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The only good thing is if new is not important the 2nd hand market will have plenty.
I managed to pick up an 11" pro last year that was as new and 2 weeks old at a steel.


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The only good thing is if new is not important the 2nd hand market will have plenty.
I managed to pick up an 11" pro last year that was as new and 2 weeks old at a steel.
That’s a good point. I bought my current 12.9 Pro (2nd gen) from someone who had only had it a couple of months, then the 3rd gen came out and they had to have it. Saved a bundle.

The rumoured new one may be enough of an upgrade to justify a grand, but there’s no way in the world I’d pay that for the current one.


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As it happened I sold my iPad pro 10.5" for more than i paid for the 11" pro.
So very worthwhile upgrade :)


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I just got my wife the 12.9 inch m1 iPad last week, expensive but she loves it.
I have the 11 pro on eBay. Buying last years model 2nd hand is going to be more effective if concerned about cost.


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Interesting read, please am interested in buying an iPad 11 inch Pro @RobinDB how much did you buy yours for if you don't mind me asking and roughly how much should I be looking at paying for one 2nd hand in good condition. Mainly to use iPad for internet browsing, movies and entertainment......

Your valued advice and feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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i sold my iPad pro in october 11" for €435
I purchased an iPad mini gen 6 as wanted smaller device.
I sold my wife's 11" iPad pro for €409 as I got her the 12" model in july.

Both were in excellent condition.


I just ordered a new 11", will retire and reset my older 10.5" for my wife's use. All she will do is read books, basically on a kindle app, and now she will be able to have apple books.

I'm looking for a bit more speed, better battery life, the old one seems be running down quicker these days, and the USB c charging which will now let me eliminate a couple of types of charging cables on my end of the couch. I have a new Kindle paperwhite coming that has USB C charging also, so I will eliminate USB Micro and Apple LIghtning cables, and just have one type. I charge my I phone in the bedroom at night so no problem with it.

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