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Been years since I have been here, had to create a new account. Last time was when I purchased my first 1080p Samsung (10+ years ago), and got lots of useful info here. Hoping for the same this time.

My scenario:
Viewing - Day and night, mixed TV and Movies (Blue Ray and $k once I get a new TV), minimal gaming (I think my PS misses me though)
Looking at Size - 65 inch
Budget - up to $1500

So I had a number in mind to spend on the new set (65 inch), prefer Samsung, but just like last time, my head is burned out from research and actually seeing the TV's in person.

I went to Costco yesterday looking for the x900e/f, and they did not have one (though their website did show it when I looked. Might be online only).

While there of course, and the eye candy starts jumping out. I spent 10 minutes looking at the Oleds, but wont be spending that amount of money on a TV.

Looked at the Samsungs, but they didnt have a Q series setup (Had the Q7 on the floor in boxes).

Walked past a couple Vizio P65E1 XLED ($1099), and the M70E3 ($1299, obviously a 70 inch) both 2018 models, and they caught my eye. Watched them both for a bit, stood off angle for different views and to experience falloff of the image.. not too bad. Read some specs (Noticed the support both DV and HDR10, FALD) on the cell phone and it has nice specs... added this one to my list as it was also impressive... Anyways, no Sony here...

So off to best buy to see if they have the Sony, they did not have the model I was looking to see, but have the 2018 models in stock... over 2k (I'm sure I can find it online cheaper).

Walked around the to Samsung Q's, impressive picture, etc as expected... in my trek, I came across an open box (Display model missing the remote and stand), Q9F for $1800. Looked up the model number, QN65Q9FAMF, and believe it to be a 2017 model. I know this model is discontinued, but still available online in limited stock.

Back to the Q9F. Better off angle viewing image, which in the big scheme is no issue because I sit/recline looking at my TV head on. I know this was their flagship and still is I believe. I know their differences, but it the extra $800 + tax, + buying a remote/Stand really worth the overall purchase, vs the 2018 Vizio models and saving the $1k?

I also keep seeing the TCL pop up in reviews and threads... just to spin my head a bit more, but haven't seen one in person.

This will be my first 4K HDR

I'm a bit anal about image quality, and app system performance, not worried about off angle viewing, don't care about the audio (Home Theater system installed).

I think it's going to be a case like last time, where upgrading to an LED HD TV was a huge improvement over my previous TV.

Thanks in advance!


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This is primarily a UK forum, so quoting dollars doesn't have an automatic meaning here. They could be Australian, Canadian, American etc. Your profile says Florida so I guess that's 1500USD? Around £1300.

Vizio and TCL also aren't sold here, Vizio not at all and the European market TCLs are different models to the North American ones.

The Q9 disappointed everyone after the excellent KS9500 but it did sell for around three times that price for most of it's life. Now that it's come down to XE90/XE93 (X900E) prices it should be more attractive.


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I have the 46" samsung H7150 right now, and i am happy with it. No issues at all. Great picture, It plays all input perfectly (1080p BD being the best from the PS3) , colors are great (imo using this set for the 6ish years, and not having really looked into a new set)

This has been in my bedroom for the most part because my place is small. However, i am moving to a new place and have a usable living room (11.5 x 12).

Obviously, going to a bigger screen would be nice.

I guess I should be asking if going to a 4k hdr set is going to be a huge visual difference? I believe the answer is yes. But, would I really know the difference between a 1000 dollar set vs a 2000 dollar set.

Longevity is a factor also when it comes to spending 1500 or more.

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