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Mar 7, 2004
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Hi all, looking to buy a dvd player as i just bought a panasonic TH-42PA20 and am looking to get the best quality i can out of it.

So any reccomendations on a dvd player to use, my setup will have 5.1 and sky+, will want to use component video (that's the best connection to use isn't it ?)

Not got much of a budget really, though i don't want to spend anything more than £500 ideally, so hit me with what you got :)

Still relativally new to the Home Cinema setup, so if you need anymore information, let me know, Cheers.

Hi-Fi Bitz are currently selling the Sony 999ES for £499 (it originally sold for around £900 to £1000). There's a link here.

It also offers progressive output which will be a big benefit on your plasma. When buying a dvd player to pair up with a plasma, I would consider this feature a must, unless you plan to use an external scaler.

If I was in the market for a new dvd player, it's the player I would go for. There's certainly nothing else in the £500 bracket (or a good bit higher for that matter) that betters it.

But the 999ES at hifibitz is Region 2 only. Cheapest I've found it is +£80-90 if want multi-region as well.

What do you think then about £580 Sony 999ES vs £780 Pioneer 868. (Sorry we're wandering slightly off topic Wimbo, but perhaps a definitive answer in the Pioneer 868's favour will persuade you to up your budget slightly for an 868...)
Hi Sonyhunter,

I forgot about the extra cost of converting to multi region. :clown:

The Pioneer 868 has DVI/HDMI connectivity and also has variable output resolutions, so I would have to say the Pioneer would be preferable if you were connecting to a display with suitable resolution.

That said, being the shallow person I am, I'm just a sucker for the looks and build quality of the Sony, so that's the one I would go for, but understandably most people would go for the Pioneer unless they had a high class external scaler in their system.

I think in terms of looks and build the new Pioneers are a step backwards from the earlier Pioneers (737 for example) but there's no doubt that technically they are setting the standards with this player.

Another thought for Wimbles to consider is getting a second hand player. I've seen Pioneer 737's in excellent condition selling for as little as £200. This player also provides progressive scan and still offers great performance comparable to the best players of today.
Originally posted by sonyhunter

But the 999ES at hifibitz is Region 2 only. Cheapest I've found it is +£80-90 if want multi-region as well.

I have it on good authority (ie Witters told me ;) ) that the Sony 999 is multi region!

I am very tempted by it myself!

all options will be considered, will have a look at the ones mentioned above, ta

budget doesn't have to be £500 as theres no point skimping out on a dvd player when spending money on a plasma eh :)
Don't dismiss the Denon 2200 or 2900, or the Pioneer 668 either.

The 2200 and the 668 can both be had for less than £500 multiregion (http://www.askdirect.co.uk for the Pioneer 668).

Very happy with my 668, unfortunately it doesn't have a scaler, but does have HDMI.

If it was my money though, it would be a toss up between the Denon 2900 or the Pioneer 868. Try to get a demo of both of them and see for yourself. Ones own eyes are better to judge with than a review or an opinion, take a DVD you know well with you too. :)
I've recently bought a multiregion Pioneer 757Ai for £453 delivered and I'm very chuffed with it, works a treat with it's partnering AX5i receiver.
Hi Wimbo - you might also take a look and listen to the Arcam DV78, which retails for around £699. It works exteremely well with Panasonic plasmas.

The DV78 is optimised to be a straightforward very high performance DVD and CD player. IMO it is at least as good on video quality as the other players mentioned and absolutely outperforms all of them in terms of audio quality, on both CD and DVD.

Though not yet mentioned very much on this forum, perhaps because it is fairly new, there are several owners who can no doubt give you their thoughts. If you value reviews there are 5 star best buy write ups in this month's What Video and What Hi-Fi?

See http://www.arcam.co.uk/diva/cinema/dv78.html for more information. There's also a Home Cinema Choice news release which can be found at http://www.homecinemachoice.com/new...emachoice.com/cgi-bin/displaynews.php?id=5009


John Dawson (Arcam)
I was put off with Arcam DVD players at the Bristol Sound And Vision show.

They Demonstrated Finding Nemo, and the evidence of CUE was blatently evident.

Have a look at the player by all means, for the rest of the image was fantastic. Watch the shark scene and the bit where Nemo is put into the fish tank for the first time. I saw blatent CUE artifacts, and was quite shocked by it actually.
you can get a one off remote to make the Sony 999es multi region from dvdchips for about £25.00

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