Looking to buy a Blu-ray player, have questions


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Hi, my PS3 died the other day (for the second time, already fixed it once a couple of months ago). It was used 99% for watching DVD or Blu-rays so it was quite poor timing as I have a pile of DVDs received for Christmas that I have the hassle of plugging the laptop in to the TV to watch properly. I am going to try and fix it, but either way am going to get a separate player either as a permanent replacement or until I get a new PS3 if I need to. I've been looking around a couple of places at what's available but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of reviews for the players I've looked at. Don't really have any specs that I've thought of, other than a £100 limit. I don't need iPlayer etc (Virgin +), I don't have videos on a hard drive or USB stick I'd need to plug in (although obviously who knows what the future will hold), I can't think what I would need it to have WiFi or any kind of internet access for, although the same point above applies, maybe someone will enlighten me (Question 1). I have a Samsung TV, if that has any bearing on it, I don't know if a Samsung TV remote would work any player?, I doubt the Virgin remote would work a BR player? (Question 2 & 3). From my searching I've found these models, if anyone has experience or a more informed opinion than me of them;

Panasonic DMP-BDT110EB (apparently with Star Wars)
Sony S380
Sony BDPS185B.CEK (is this just a smaller version of the above?)
Samsung BD-D5100

I've kept the search to Amazon so far, as I have a voucher, but I would go elsewhere if it were cheaper or a better one not available. A few months ago before I wanted one I used to see deals in HMV with a player and a few movies for whatever 'special offer' but until I go and have a look I won't have that for comparison. So if anyone has any recommendations of the above or others I would be grateful for the advice.



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Hi I am in the same position. Just bought the LG 47LW550 3D TV and was going to go for the LG LD660 3D Blu-Ray £99.99 best price and good reviews. Then came across Panasonic DMP-BDT110, again good reviews and £91.99 best price Amazon. Also if purchased before 31st December can redeem claim voucher for Star Wars IV/ V & VI. My advice for what it's worth would be the Panasonic though have not looked at Sony. Good Luck.


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Both Panasonic & Sonys are good choices as they both benefit from good firmware support. The Panasonic offers free Star Wars blu-rays which are definately worth having...
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