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Afternoon guys

I am looking to buy my brother a new TV for his birthday as he's currenty struggling with an LG Scarlett 32" LCD that wont seem to turn on anymore (does after 30 mins)

I have a budget of up to £600 as an absoloute maximum and was hoping to get a 42" or bigger for this price range. However there seems to be so many on the market im not sure where to start or what specific models are any good. Are there any good deals people have seen which would be good to check out?

My brother is n avid gamer and so it would need to be 1080p to get the best out of his PS3. He currently has the LG hooked up to a soundsystem so built in sound isnt a massive issue for the sake ofa better panel

Any thoughts?



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Big gamers like plasma due to low lag, good motion handling and deep blacks. The Panasonic 42U30 or S30 are popular choices right now :)


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TX-P42S30B full HD in budget - 600hz great for gaming - freeview HD

Great TV if you would like a bit more choice let me know


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Thanks for the input guys, im liking the Panasonic brand due to quality :0 However whats the difference between the 2 that would make me consider the more expensive?

ne seems to be priced arund £450 whilst the other is £600 odd. Is the difference in price justified??


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For a start it's moving picture resolution is double... The TX-P42U30B that would be the cheaper one you was looking at is 900lines moving picture and the S30 is 1080 lines... Much smother image...

Let me put that into gaming terms... Your running along playing call of duty on the U30 and the screen starts blurring up your gettiing shot down... The S30 you will see that enemy team every time...

Haha no it's not that bad I'm just joking, I game to. I recommend the S30 but if you cannot justify the price difference for that feature ( there are a few more but that one is key for you ) the U30 is a nice screen, I just recommend the higher moving picture resoloution for gaming and blu rays etc...


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Just out of interest guys, how good is this tv? Its a bit big but would easily fit where I want to put it:

LG 50PV350T 50" Full HD Plasma TV buy online | Currys

You need to consider if the viewing distance is appropriate for the content you'll be watching at that larger screen size, rather than just getting the biggest TV that you can fit in the space !

1080 Full HD content shouldn't be too much of a issue unless he's only sat a few feet from it, but will it be used much for SD Freeview, for example ? You'll need a pretty generous distance for that to look acceptable.

If I was you, I'd demo the set in-store first, with both SD and HD sources ideally, at your viewing distance.


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Agreed with MikeJ in terms of space and size... and I personally do not rate LG. I feel Panasonic is a much better product.

This may not be shared with me but I sold LG for a short while and did not bother fully opening the account with them...

Also as a gaming... I am not sure how you like to game but personally and I know this is shared with a lot of the YouTube top end gamers. Smaller screens are better...

If you play games like Call of Duty, you want to be up close to the action and see the whole screen in one view. You don't want to miss an enemy because they are in the corner of your screen and your screen is to big to be able to focus attention on all of the screen...

Again you may not share this opinion but I have a 42" and game on a 22" currently want to upgrade that to a 32" but I personally wouldn't go higher than that for gaming myself..

Feel free to object to my opinion but I stand by the Recommended Panasonic. But also advise you see both televisions in the flesh and take into consideration your distance.


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I'd advise you go see as many sets as you can. If looking for plasma(I game on a V20:)) I'd recommend getting demos at stores like Richer Sounds, Sevenoaks, Panasonic store and any local independents you have. These places have demo rooms they can setup for you and also have more knowledge than the likes of Currys etc.

Panasonic are seen as the best to go for, though both LG and Samsung are better in some respects. For gaming I find my 42" is bang on screen size wise at around 2m, lag is still low at 42" with my V20, the bigger you go the higher the lag as far as I'm aware. Plasma has lower lag at screen sizes 42" +, motion is also better and you don't get the blur of LCD(Though LCDs are improving) Contrast is good on the Panasonics, with deep blacks, the picture is also quite clear and theres less IR (Image Retention)than the other makes. The Panys do have issues other makes don't seem too have(many of theses may just be more noticeable rather than non existent on other makes) Theres pros and cons of all sets, hence you need to go see for yourself. :)
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