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Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by deadmeat30, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    Im looking to build a home server as we are starting to run out of room on our PC's with HD films and we want to have one pool of music instead of our own.

    Our network is 2 PC's, a WDTV live in the front room, and then laptops and ipad.

    I only need something thats low power, but also easy to upgrade. I have been looking at atom based mini itx boards, but the problem faced me is that most only have 2 sata ports. Looking through the forums, ive seen the HP proliant miniserver. Now i know that there is a £100 cashback deal, which ill need to order today to receive it in time to claim the money back.

    Will this serve my needs? It wont be used a HTPC, just a NAS i guess.

    Will it work ok with my WDTV live box so i can access all my films?


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    I use a HP Proliant with Microsoft Windows Home Server installed.
    Fitted the 250G hard drive in a cradle in the DVD slot and fed this to the free SATA port on the motherboard. Left with 4 slots to fill with what ever hard drives you want.
    Microsoft Windows Home Server is DLNA compliant.
    If you do as I have done you will need access to WHS on a USB stick or use a USB DVD drive.
    It holds all my movies and music and backs up all the home PC's everyday.
    Any PC hard drive goes down the tubes then just fit a new one and use the WHS Restore disc.
    HP ProLiant Turion II N40L MicroServer - £100.. | Ebuyer.com
    Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 - Licence and media.. | Ebuyer.com

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