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Hi All,

I'm looking for a Bluetooth transmitter device that will take in mic and audio out from 3.5mm jacks and connect via Bluetooth to my Bluetooth headset.

I want to be able to transmit and receive audio voice chat to my headset from an independent stand alone, Bluetooth tranceiver source that has its own analog outputs and inputs

There are many device on Amazon/EBay/AliExpress. Most of them have a manual switch from TX to RX, which wont suit voice calls/chat. There are few that claim to be automatic but this is only for detection of TX or RX and not a true transceiver.

It would also need some kind of display to say which device/s it was paired with.

If anyone has come across a device like the one I'm looking I'd really appreciate you letting me know.

Many thanks,


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It's not really down to the device's ability to transmit and receive at the same time - modern digital protocols require you to do that many times a second even for one way audio.

It's all about which bluetooth profiles the device supports.

The most commonly used bluetooth audio profile is A2DP which is normally a single stereo stream, you can't have one channel going one way and one channel going the other.

There are also the Handsfree (HFP) and Headset (HSP) profiles which were originally designed for voice chat type headsets which provide mono audio in both directions.

To complicate matters, some 'gaming' headsets use a custom variant of A2DP based around codecs like faststream which do implement a return channel. This requires your transmitter to also support this variant.

Ideally the way to go would be to find out what your headset uses and buy a transmitter that supports the same thing. Unfortunately it's often far harder to dig up that information for such products that it should be.

In terms of tech that's likely to be supported then if a product refers to voice calls, hands free or voice chat then it likely supports HSP or HFP (or both), and any mono headsets are likely to use those protocols as well.


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Thank you very much for the information. Any HSP or HFP device I've looked at only seem to have audio in or audio out and all come with one 3-pole 3.5mm jack. - example: 3.5mm Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Stereo Adapter A2DP HSP HFP OPP OBEX DUN | eBay

Surely it would require a 4-pole or 2 separate input/outputs.

Actually a motorcycle headset com is exactly what I'm trying to transmit and receive from - (Cardo Spirit HD) which claims to connect with any Bluetooth device (@EndlessWaves you were right about trying to find the details :) ) The trouble is finding the device I can transmit independent audio from/to.

Any futher contributions would be greatly appreciated.

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