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Jun 6, 2010
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I am looking for a freeview box with wifi so that I can start to use BBC iplayer and ITV player etc. I have noticed in this forum that people have recommended the Fetch Netbox 8160 HDMI 160Gb. However can someone tell me if the netbox will work with an older TV? I have a older Sony model TV (analogue - no digital tuner) which has no HDMI inputs only Scart inputs. I don't want to buy a new TV but I do need to buy a freeview box. I have noticed the box comes with a 'Din to Scart' lead. Is this netbox enough for me to start to receive the freeview channels as well as being able to access BBC iplayer. Also the netbox says it has a twin tuner. Will I be able to record one freeview channel whilst watching another?
Any advice/recommendation welcomed.
I believe you will find the Technika Smartbox 8320HD is the same box with a 320Gb hard drive.

As it has a SCART socket, it will connect to your Sony but will not of course display HD images, although the HD recordings may well be better than their SD equivalents due to the improved reception with the new system. 320Gb is just about reasonable for an HD recorder.

Twin tuners are needed so you can record one channel and watch any other at the same time. (This is not the case with some of the Freeview HD boxes which can work as a simple PVR by the addition of a USB computer type hard drive. With those you can only watch a second channel if it is on the same mux - e.g. record BBC1 HD and watch Channel 4HD but not watch BBC2)

You may well be able to find further advice on this in the PVR section of the forums. I am, for example, unclear whether you need to buy further equipment to make this wireless rather than just using the ethernet cable to attach directly to your router.

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