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Sorry meant VCR in the title.

My Grandparents current VCR is on its way out. I'm having real problems finding a new one for them. They would preferably like one with Videoplus as they are used to using it but I'm struggling to find one anywhere. Around the £50 mark would suit fine.

I've tried mentioning a DVD recorder but they're not convinced that they could work one. Though if I can't get a VCR they may have to.

PVRs and digital DVD recorders are out of the question as we (still:rolleyes:) can't get Freeview in our area.

Any suggestions?


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My Panasonic VCR with Video+ is now redundant as have just purchased combined VHS/DVD Recorder.
£30 if it's any good to you and you're in this part of the country. (SE Essex)


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Richer sounds may still do DVD VCR combis. We got my mother in law a Panasonic NVVP33 a few months ago it has Videoplus.


A combo machine may be a good choice
Then your grandparents can use the VHS function and could hire some fantastic movies on DVD too !
I'm sympathetic since I am probably the same generation as your grandparents !


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There are a few of the Panasonic VCR's about on ebay and elsewhere (I am looking for one for parts) of the NVFJ series - the 730 has Videoplus (which I unfortunately could never use as we don't have it here in Greece) so I imagine their other models have it too. Prob difficult to find one in a shop these days though.


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Found you one!
It's a VCR with Video Plus AND a DVD player in it too!


Then in the left margin list of areas go
- DVD & Home Cinema

Should be two products listed with second one:
DVD/VCR Combi Player MD80975
£49.95 + shipping which used to be c£5

Medion are the German PC/Electronics seller which supply many UK supermarkets with their computers/electronics - eg Aldi/PCWorld/Sainsburys/etc.

If you look in their refurbished section (bottom of that menu on the left) you can get one for £10 less BUT with only a 90 day warranty as opposed to 12 months for the new item above.

Enjoy :)

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