Looking for tv, size 55/60 inch, low input lag

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    Hi all,

    So i am asking this for a friend of mine. He barely goes on forums and so i thought i'd do him a favor. Long story short.

    -Harcore gamer
    -Love awesome graphics
    -plays shooters a lot, he tested out a tv in the store which i said to have 38ms input lag and he was ok with this, really ok. So something similar would be fine. As long as it's not nearing 60ms or higher.

    -4K would definitely be very nice of course
    -No ghosting or weird stuff
    -Great picture quality.

    Money he's willing/can spend on it is; 1525 euros. Is willing to add an extra 100, maybe 200 euros if it's VERY good.

    Any suggestions? We live in Holland so it's very possible that tv model numbers are a bit different, but not always. He has been eyeing the Panasonic CX700.

    Thanks in advance.
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