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I am using Adobe Premiere to edit and capture my Digital Video from my Sony vx2000 via IEEE1394 on a PC.

How do I maintain the best quality possible (eg DVD quality) while capturing the digital video?

Do I capture it as an .avi and then edit and composite as necessary?

Will an acceleration card help with video quality?

I will probably be outputting to DVD after I composite other elements into the footage. The finished product will be viewed on a computer and/or projected from a computer as well as used for T.V.

Any advice would be great!



Roy Mallard

Premiere should be saving the files as .avi by default.
Edit your project then export the finished project as one .avi file.
Drag this file into roxio or nero etc and burn to disc, make sure that the data rate is a s high as youcan get it (max.8000kbs, would need to be less than an hour long to fit it on a dvd at this quality).

If you are projecting it from a computor I would be tempted to crop the video area by around 10% at the edges to get rid of unsightly overscan etc.
You may also want to consider deinterlacing the footage as this will look better on a monitor.


Captureing from a camcorder via firewire (aka ieee1394) to a PC as an AVI file will give you 100% quality of the file on the camcorders tape. There is no loss or further compression done during capture.
A hardware codec acceleration capture card will not improve the picture quality, but it will speed up rendering when editing etc, perhaps even giving some real time digital effects, but this is all dependent on the acceleration card that you get. It's an expensive route to go, but if doing a lot of editing could be worth while in saved time, but then again if you have a modern powerful PC then rendering times should not be too painful anyway.


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