Looking for SW advice for corner of large open plan room


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Hi everyone.
After searching through the site, I've not found anything which addresses my issue, so I'd like to ask for advice on 1 or 2 subs for an HT in the corner of a large open room.

First, top line constraints and info. My budget for sub(s) it about 900 euro. My size limit is about the size of an SVS PB-1000 pro. The corner in which the HT is situated is 4x5m (2.5m high), so about 50m3, but the room is roughly 14x5m. About 80% of my listening is HT, the other 20% is music. It's an apartment, so it's rare I'd go to reference volumes. From an aesthetic perspective, something available in piano white would be nice, but I might be able to push my wife to accept black if the sub makes a big enough difference.

Now, a little more detail. I've just downsized from a house with a batcave to an open plan apartment. I sold all the batcave gear with the house, but I'm not starting with zero as I'm pushing my other gear into use. I've got an RGB laser UST projector, with a Vividstorm S Pro floor rising CLR screen. I'm reusing my Dali Oberon 7s at the front, with a Dali Oberon Vokal. The space has an acoustic ceiling with 6 Yamaha NS-IC600 speakers embedded (I can only use 4 with the Denon). I've not picked rear satellites yet. For the moment, I've got a Dali E-12F that was in my music room, but I don't think it's great for an HT (although could it be ok as a 2nd sub?).

Here's a view of the area:
HT Area.png

There are windows right and back (plus part of a sliding door onto the balcony). I can pretty much only place the sub(s) in the SWa and SWb places.

So, what do you think are my options? Replace the Dali with a single sub (ported?). Add a single to the Dali? Replace the Dali with 2 subs? Finally, what subs would you recommend? SVS PB-1000 pro? SB-1000 (pro)? Something else (REL, Velodyne, Elac, etc.?)

Thanks in advance everyone.

P.S. Here's a floorplan showing the entire space:
02 Detailed Plan - 021_07_B2.202-Main_Room.png


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Thanks for the hint, Dobby. I'll check it out and see if you can get it without being in the UK.
Yes, I was wondering about price increases. As I understand it, the SVS price increase is supposed to be due to shipping, which will probably hit Monoprice as well. XTZ, of course, is Swedish, but these days so much comes from China that you never know what components they have to import and what the impact will be on their price and availability.
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First of all, Gasp and Dobby, thank you both so much for your help. It is very much appreciated.

For information, there are 4 apts in my building, one on each floor. I'm on the 2nd last, so neighbours above and below (mind you, neither is there very often - tax exiles). There is a lift, so getting the SW to the floor is not an issue.

So, on 1 vs 2 SWs, my original thoughts were 1, but now it's 2. In my budget, I'd not factored in the extra cash I can get by selling the Dali, so that gives me some legroom. That legroom puts 2 Monoliths or XTZs in range, but 2 PB1000s are going a bit far. 2x 12" Monoliths is really too much, and those things are monsters!

I used the Dali to do some sub crawl. I found SWb (above) really quite good, although pretty much anywhere behind the couch along that wall is good. SWa is not quite as good, but still quite reasonable. As you can see from the diagram, I don't have space at the front wall to put subs, so I didn't check there.

On finish, my wife is pretty hooked on a white finish at SWa (where it's visible) but doesn't care about SWb where the SW is hidden by the couch. I guess it's not a good idea to stick a Monolith there, and an XTZ at SWa. She's said that ultimately, I should decide.

So, two 10" Monoliths and hope my wife doesn't go back on her decision when she sees them? Or, two XTZs?

Finally, do any of these makes do Black Friday deals?

Thanks guys!

I believe XTZ will do black friday deals, you can email them but i remember they did last year at least. They use IcePower amp modules which are praised one of the best in the business, 5year warranty. They are well known from the subs and cinema speakers. There is good people behind them, although the founder passed away some time ago sadly. You can ask about any BF deals for dual 12.17 Edge from Mario straight: mario@xtz.se

Definitely two subs if placing them each side of couch so less localization and better response for both listeners. Countless members have started with one and not being satisfied until added 2nd.

If you go with the Monoprice and have issues you can cover the subs with some material (white) and can be removed later. I don`t know what it`s called but i have seen many black subwoofers "masked" to white with it. So that is option if wife gets mad..

It`s always big question mark how good the sound proofing is in apartment. Some are very poor where you can hear anything from farting to sneezing, while others are very much the opposite. Having the subs nearfield is ideal for apartment as you don´t need to crank them super loud to get some good impact from them.
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Gasp and Dobby - again, thanks

Dobby, it looks like I can get that discount for the Monoliths, so that pushes up the interest for them. Ultimately, the white question is just a nice-to-have and, as Gasp pointed out, it may be possible to cover them.

Gasp, I'll contact Mario and see if there will be a BF special, or maybe I can get a better price by buying 2 at once, bringing them closer in price to the Monoliths.
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So, latest update. Mario has said the 12.17s "might" be in a BF deal, but who really knows. In the meantime, Monoprice have released a V2 version of the Monoliths, although at first glance I can't see what's new other than rounded edges (I'm sure there's more, of course).
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OK, so Black Friday has started. Just picked up a pair of XTZ 12.17 Edges for 888 euro plus 59 UPS delivery (this is pre-vat, I'm in Switzerland so XTZ sell it tax free, and I pay the 7.7% when it arrives here).
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