looking for surround sound system help


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hi i will be gettin xbox 360 i also have sky etc ive just bought a samsung hd ready 32 inch lcd tv and just need a reasonably cheap surround sound system not sure what i need to connect all mine together as what i have seen have dvd players but i dont need that help would be appreciated ?????


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You are much better off posting this in the other sections of AVForums.
If by cheap you mean sub £200 , you will probably be looking at an all in 1 DVD system. Plenty available, just make sure that they have an optical input so that you can connect it to your Xbox.
The all in one systems with DVD players have a built in Dolby Decoder, and an AMP. Think of it as getting the DVD player free.
If you try to set it up as seperates without the DVD player you will be paying a lot... unless you get a dedicated games "surround system" for £80.. which are generally a lot poorer quality than the DVD systems for similar value.


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Hia mate, im interested in the package that you have linked to above.

Ive had a good look at the speakers / package and it says that you need the advanced AV or HD Video cable set in order to use this on an xbox.

Are these speakers likely to work on the xbox 360 as well?

Dont want to buy them for my xbox now, and then in two months find out that they dont work on the new one!!



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Absolutely will work with the 360, the decoder has an optical input, which it has been confirmed the 360 will use. If you want to use them with an Xbox 1, you need to have the Advanced AV Cable or HD Cable as both of these have a box on the lead with an optical out connection.


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Fantastic, cheers mate.

Thats another reason why i should get hold of the HD pack for my xbox!!

This might sound like a dumb question, but are the speakers wireless or cable connected? Seems like a cracking package especially if there's no cables cluttering up my room.



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