Looking for suggestions.


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Ive got an LG tv and a TOSHIBA BluRay player.
Could someone please suggest a good home cinema speaker setup?

Im looking for something i can buy off the internet and 'plug and play', really.

I cant decide what to buy since Im concerned about compatibility issues, etc.

I'm looking for a 5.1 surround sound speaker system which would allow me to use it to watch movies and also allow me to connect my laptop to it when i want to listen to some music.

I've been looking for quite some time now, but this christmas, I ve made up my mind to finally buy something!

Any guidance or suggestions would be great since Im not a big techie guy in this area.



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Do you have a budget? As music is important, I would look at separates. It ultimately comes down to your budget and you expectations.


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My budget is £200 to a max of £250.

ANy suggestions?
I saw a Philips system within this price range but have no idea about the performance.
Ideally, I only require the speaker system since I have the Bluray player and TV.



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With that budget, I would be looking at:

Stereo only - Stereo amp + bookshelf speakers.

AV Receiver + bookshelf speakers. Add the centre, rears and sub later when funds allow.

2.1 - Onkyo HTX-22HDX. Add the optional centre and rear speakers later (approx £100)

5.1 - Package - Onkyo HTS-3405, Yamaha YHT196

In the end, your budget is the limiting factor. Cheap systems won't sound that great, particularly with music. It depends on your expectations I suppose. Richer Sounds would be an excellent place to start.

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