Question Looking for suggestions for a second sub in my system


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Hello all,

I've been looking at adding a second sub into my system recently after being impressed by a demo at my local dealer of a two sub system before I bought my speaker package last year. I've done some research but I'm still none the wiser so I'm asking for a bit of help please.

I've looked at many different price ranges and even looked at picking up a second hand sub but I'm still not sure what price bracket and performance level I should be looking at to compliment my current set up? Overall I am extremely happy with my speakers but the bass is very noticeable as coming from one direction even though the Kef sub has dual drivers, I have experimented with position and find that with the sub slightly into the room and angled in the corner it performs much better. However, our living room and furniture makes getting the sub into the ideal position impossible so I am hoping a second sub can improve matters and make the bass less directional.

If I am going down the wrong route though I would be very grateful for any advice before I splash out on a second sub needlessly. If a second sub is the answer then I would really like your opinions on what I should go for. Many thanks in advance.
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