Looking for subwoofer advise - up to £500


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I've been researching a subwoofer to add to my system.

The primary use case will be gaming and moves, my current setup is Tannoy Mercury v4 5.0 system and the room size is 23sqm.

Subs I've researched are:
  • Bowers & Wilkins ASW610 (there's a few second hand ones of these kicking around)
  • REL HT/1003 or HT/1205
  • SVS SB1000 PRO
  • BK P12-300SB-PR - this was recommended to me quite a long time ago.

Given the size of my room I'm not sure if I can get away with a 10" sub or would it be better to go with a 12"? Smaller would mean less of a monster in my living room!

Budget is around £500.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


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I've just had a BK monolith. And upgrade from a BK xls200.
If you can accommodate the massive cabinet it comes in then I would recommend


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The only 2 I'd consider in your list are the SVS & BK12-300SB-PR. These 2 subs will outperform both the Rel & B&W subs. I owned a P12-300SB-PR - one of the best subs I ever owned. Great value for money. Hand built in the UK with a choice of real wood vaneer finishes. The only reason I sold it was I wanted to go dual subs & would struggle to accommodate two!. I've therefore replaced them with 2x SVS SB2000 Pro's, which are marginally smaller and easier to accommodate. The 2000 is slightly higher than your budget, but it's smaller sibling (on your list) will perform great too. You won't be disappointed with either of those subs!

If you have the space though, the BK Monolith is indeed a beast. In both physical size and performance.


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@darrenhaken - I've gone into more detail in this post on this thread:

Post in thread 'Dali E12 or BK Electronics' Dali E12 or BK Electronics

If you want any further advice, as on this thread, so as not to derail/hijack the OP on their own thread ☺👍🏼

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