Looking for sub to replace REL Quake


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Pretty happy with REL Quake although at higher SPL's it does fade somewhat. Need something to partner B&W803D's. ASW865 too large and have to wait too long. Would consider alternative REL given taht I have been really impressed by REL Quake ... it will probably find its way into the bedroom.

Fancy Velo DD12 in terms of size, performance and price point.... any thots gents ?

Rgds Steve

Ian J

stevebez said:
Fancy Velo DD12 in terms of size, performance and price point.... any thots gents ?
Excellent choice and now that forum sponsors AV Sales are Authorized DD dealers you can pop down to their premises in Tunbridge Wells to listen to one, as well as a variety of other subs for comparison purposes.


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Good greif, Quake to a DD12!!! thats like a Cooper S to a Zonder, it'll be a completely new experience. You do realise that you'll have to watch all your DVD's all over again and re-experience for real. I did when I changed from a Dynaudio 12" to a Velodyne SPL1200 mkII and these two are quite simalar in driver size. You'll be getting upto about 2.25 times the surface area let alone the extra excursion and power.

We have got the DD12 here married up to an M&K system and AX10Ai if you would like a demonstration and comparison again other subs including your own. I have done this twice before with two other RELs, the strata III and the Q201e and the customers went away with a Velodyne SPL1000 and SPL1200 so from a Quake I think you'll notice the difference!

Anyway, give me a call if you are interested.



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If you want a 12" sub you could buy the B&W ASW825 or if you want it with EQ wait a couple of months for the ASW855.

The EQ version will give the DD12 some stiff competition.

JBL 4645

When buying a sub bass speaker for the home cinema…most of you out there often buy one…and upon installing it up and running two months down the road bitching how it not any good…and when going to the Hi-fi home cinema dealers shop and asking them do the still have the Rel Quake…sorry sir we’ve sold them out…why not try this it’s new and costs a whole lot more give me your money???

So guys come on get it together upon first installing checking it over to see on the SPL meter and the RTA how far it goes in the room…ok now add another sub bass same make same model this will double the SPL by around 3 to 6dB gain and extending the frequency range down lower and place the two subs next to each other this is called mutual coupling the two will act as one sub bass with twice the cone size. :smashin: :smashin:

So hear ends the lesion hope this works out for you…it’s just I get fed up with the Hi-Fi sales man giving you the round around and so your right it’s your money and you need the facts…and if two subs are not enough then add three and so on most cinemas use up to 8 sub bass speakers like THX cinemas and IMAX cinemas too. :thumbsup:

I’m a former cinema projectionist. :)

Ashley… :)

Ian J

JBL 4645 said:
I get fed up with the Hi-Fi sales man giving you the round around and so your right it’s your money and you need the facts…and if two subs are not enough then add three and so on
Three guesses what some of us are getting fed up with. :thumbsdow

I'm a former lion tamer.

JBL 4645

I bet your sub bass is Leo!
Haven’t got one of them
Not that high up in the market for a Leo sub bass!!!

Former projectionist for UCI and Warner village cinemas UK…

Ian J

JBL 4645,

Would you please stop linking to images on other people's webspace as this is not allowed and I am fed up following you around and deleting the links. If you want to link to images please host them on your own webspace.

Most people are well aware what you used to do for a living so could you please give it a rest now.


JBL is right. Buy another Quake instead of selling your old one and buying a bigger sub. I'm actually demoing a REL Q108 (Quake) and a Martin Logan Dynamo. I experimented using both subs at the same time and I could definitely sense the gain in depth and sound level without having to crank it up. RELs are setup such that you can control the bass for movie viewing and music listening separately. I don't believe other brands are that flexible except for MJ Acoustics, BK Electronics or the new Quad L-sub.

JBL 4645

And if the sub bass speakers have rca phone outputs then connect the first sub bass…got that then take a shorter rca phone cable to the second sub bass…remember to keep both subs close to each other mutual coupling…and set the volume on both subs at the same level, also you can try this out to get the power of the frequencies to play well…take Star Trek 2 the wrath of khan way back in October of 1989 when I saw all 5 Star Trek films at the CIC Empire Leicester square screen #1 via the Lucasfilm THX sound system, there where parts of the films soundtrack that I felt on my chest or tummy, most parts of are bodies are made up of water so there is a whole lot of mathematics involved and the Empire had that quality which has take hours of manpower to get the cookie at the end of it. :thumbsup:

So play the part in the Star Trek 2, just before the USS enterprise is attacked and watch for the part where the dialogue is spoken “they still haven’t raised there shields” you will see the performer sliding a tactical display unit back into it’s fixed position…you should be able to feel this type of frequency which is around 100 to 150Hz a kind of knocking sound to it.

Also within the next few months I’ll start building the THX baffle wall and place all the three matching speakers and sub bass too…and seeing I’m only using a Panasonic 4.3 ratio monitor for the home cinema designing it to fit the Panasonic in will present no problem…and keeping it all flush so when I see a video projector going for a price I can afford till now everything is spot on. :smashin:

The THX baffle wall will reinforce and extend bass from the front speakers and the sub bass too… :thumbsup: :smashin:

Sorry for a long one.


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