Looking for specific summer camp horror film


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Right, i am hoping to watch this on halloweens eve, given that i can find the title.
I once saw a clip of this movie on the telli, but that's it. I didn't get the name, but i remember the intro and following bits very clearly. The movie is about a group of kids, from what i remember, no older that 14, and no younger than 10. They are maybe 4 or 5 (there are more on the camp, obviously, but we only follow a distinct group of kids) and almost like breakfast club, have different characters so that viewers can relate to one or more of them. The movie itself starts with a clip of a boy in what seems like the late 80's, on the same camp. He is in a cabin i think, in the forest, and he is frantically doing something. Keep in mind this first bit is the one that i remember the least. Something outside is really scary, and the whole scene is very up-beat and quick and, well, frantic. We then zoom into a sign with the camps name on it, floating in the water, as the camera fades into present day. I am pretty sure the title of the movie either resembles, mentions, or straight up is the name of the camp. We are then introduced to the younger kids, that are going now. The movie is made sometime between 2001 and 2011, don't wanna narrow it down too much, since i mostly base it on the fact that one kid has a cellphone. They get on a bus, and then ride into the forest. The whole purpose of this camp is to have a good time and stuff, but it is also very isolated, in that 1), it's on an island, in the middle of a forest, that's in the middle of nowhere, and 2), they are not allowed to bring any sort of communicational devices to the camp. One kid is told, upon arrival, that he can't use his cellphone by a guy working at the camp. The kid points out that he also has one. The camp-guy then says something like "Oh that's right! Well, rules are rules!" and t he proceeds to throw his cellphone in the lake. It's just a little clip for kids to go "Oh man! Did you see that? How crazy is that!" over. Nothing major. The kids meet up, and a few of them decides to go into the forest. There, they find a little cabin, although even though i think the boy in the intro had his cabin next to the lake, it would make more sense for this newly found one to be the same as in the intro. It's all covered in cobweb and it's disgusting and smells strange. Inside, they find a backpack, faded lightblue eastpak i think, and a teddy bear. In the backpack there is a box of oreos (or similar) and a book full of handwritten campfire horrorstories, with matching illustrations. We get a shot of the page, and i remember nicelooking, and very tight writing all over it, although still kept in fine, distinguished lines. I remember a drawing of, i think a clown, drawn with pencils. It was shaded nicely, and was in the top left of the left page. I do not know why i remember some things in such detail, and other things like the intro so vaguely. They flick through it, and decides to read one of them. Now, this is a detail that could help identify it, but that i simply don't have a clue about. I think what happens next is either 1), somebody finds them, a camp-guy probably, and tells them to get back, 2), they go back by themselves, or 3), they decide to sit and read one of the stories. Either one is as likely as the others, but they definately read one of the stories (we'll get to that in a moment), but in case of scenario 1 or 2, they hide the stuff and read one at night. No matter what, we get a scene of the story. The whole visual part cuts to the actual plot of this story, with human characters, scenes and everything, while the audio part is the story as read by one of these kids. The story goes as follows: Once, a group of friends went in the forest at night, and one of them got really sick. So they drove to the doctor, but the only one around was a vet, and the friend was getting really bad really quickly. So, they went in the vets house. As far as i remember, it was this big, threatening mansion in the forest, with like lightning in the background and all, really scary. So they go in, and the vet is like this old, weird (maybe german) man, who gives the friend an injection of some sort, but then the friend turns into a weird human/dog zombie, and tries to bite everyone to turn them into these human/dog things too. Really strange. One friend escapes and tell the tale to others. But the human/dog things are still out there...
That's all i recall.

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Hi there.
Almost certainly a Sleepaway Camp sequel.
From your timeframe, I'd guess 4, though I haven't seen it myself.
The twist doesn't sound quite right, though.
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Great, thanks for the quick reply. It does seem to match some criteria, although No. 4 is from 1992, the No. 5 is from 2007, and the kids are just too old there. Still, i'll look into the sleepaway camp trailers. The name Camp Arawak does seem to spark some memory.

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