Question Looking for speaker advice for 25m² room?


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New to this forum but this looks like a good place to ask some questions🙈

So, Ive been thinking to upgrade from my Logitech Z906 5.1
It sounds okay for movies/series, but for music its 'meh', and I listen to music more than I watch movies (60/40)
5.1 system is linked to my pc (which is in the other room)

My living room is 4.8m horizontally x5.1m vertically (24.48m²)
Ive included a Microsoft Paint 'blueprint', hope its detailed/clear enough.

The dimensions of the obstacles like table,tv etc are not super accurate so forgive me please 😅
The heater can not be moved.
(The logitech 5.1 = the red circles)

So my questions are :

1-would floor speakers make sense for this room size, or would they be too much? (something like Dali oberon 5 or q3050i) (30-150watt)
2-should I go for 2.1 or 5.1, regarding the room's abilty for positioning? I prefer 5.1 but I can settle for 2.1 if that would be a better choice?
3-anyhing else I forgot?

Thank you!
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