Looking for Sony TV 2020 LCD full-array for PS5


Hi folks, looking to purchase last year's Sony LCD TVs with full dimming for my son to play with his PS5.

We've been sharing my recently bought Pana 65 inch OLED TV for his gaming sessions in our lounge, but now it seems he playing quite often and I'm not getting much TV time in early evenings.
So to alleviate the tension and to keep the peace between father-son, he finally agreed to have a TV in his room. lol even though we, his parents are going to pay for it.

I was thinking of getting Sony XH95 or XH90 second hand but difficult to find or buy new from shops.
The reason for Sony, is that I highly value their high end LCDs and he loves premium picture quality, any cheap TVs and he won't touch it. He loves my OLED TV to game.😟


With Sony you ideally want the X95J (starts at 65") you have to go for the X90J if you want smaller sizes which is quite a bit dimmer for HDR, and may be more of a problem with HDR in some titles because of this.

Last years models are the XH95 (older X95J) and XH90 (older X90J) may be hard to find now, but many people are still trying to get the XH95 at smaller sizes since the new model doesn't start until 65" and up.

Sloppy Bob

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Note as well, as it's for a PS5, the XH95 doesn;t have HDMI 2.1 but the XH90 does.

Possibly you don't feel you need HDMI 2.1 but if you do it's a trade off. The XH95 has far superior HDR over the XH90.

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