Question Looking for something like a smaller XTZ Edge A2-300 for a desk system


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I'm looking for a new amplifier for my desk system. Currently I have a tiny Topping VX2 running some Boston Acoustics speakers from either Tidal Hifi on Windows or a Squeezebox.
The sound isn't that great - the bass is out of control - and turning it up is hopeless. I thought it was time for new speakers but then had a brainwave, try my XTZ Edge A2 power amp from the main system.
I'm also building up to another Picoreplayer and recently bought a Khadas Tone Board in preparation.
You see can see my stuff here

Now, oddly enough, that combo of Khadas into XTZ sounded staggering. Especially sitting a metre from them. Poor Topping, it's nothing personal.

So now I'm looking for a new amplifier with some of that Class D muscle and clean sound, but it doesn't need the insane power of the XTZ. It could be a DAC/Amp, it could be a power amp but more likely an integrated just to have a volume control to protect the speakers from Windows. I have Tidal Family so maybe something with MQA as well - then I can compare DACS. Maybe it's something Chinese from Audiophonics or something used. I'm not precious.

I have just two sources - Khadas Tone Board and USB. The Topping was handy being a USB DAC/Amp but I'm flexible over what comes next. This is the system for "analysing" music and comparing stuff so I had even thought of going for Genelecs or Adam monitors at one point.

The budget can be 3 figures and I realise there is a LOT of choice.
Ideas very welcome


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If you like the Khadas then there is an updated version from the same designer, the Soncoz LAQXD1 which sorts out the ESS hump, has higher SNR and a volume control plus balanced output and it is only around £200.

Amazon product
The other alternative is the Audiolab MDac which are around £300-350 second hand, these come with variable outputs.

alternatively keep the Khadas and add a passive preamp for volume. I use a SMPro M-Patch v2 but also look at the tisbury pre or a bit further up the tree there is the Khozmo and NVA preamps.

For amps, have a look through the Nord Acoustics catalogue.



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Appreciate the options, will think about it.
I know about Nord, but was hoping to be looking at kind of a next tier down. It's only the office system. (I appreciate I was vague in the price range).
I could find the space for something full width which would open up the options but would prefer not to.

Or I accidently buy a 5-channel Nord/or that JBL Synthesis for the main system and move the XTZ into the office 😇


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Digging around last night, the Nad D3020 v1 might be a cheap option. Then there's the more expensive members of the family etc.


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What kind of Power are you looking for? Topping and similar amps are typically in the 10w/ch to 20w/ch range. Whatever the Power Rating is, it is probably half that as most of these compact amps tend to be rated at 4 ohms.

If found the Topping VX2 on line rated at 35w/ch, which means by a standard rating they are probably 17w/ch to 8 ohms.

The NAD D-3020 V2 is 30w/ch to 8 oms, though not cheap, but still workable.

Also the NAD D-3045 V2 (60w/ch)-

Though a very basic compact amp, the REGA Brio has 50w/ch to 8 ohms.

Just a few thoughts.



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Hey, thanks for putting me onto the Rega. The smaller one, the Io, looks pretty suitable, it's only a desk system so no need for insane power. It's also pleasingly spartan.
I wonder what I was thinking of back then when I bought that topping.
Now I know how good those speakers can sound I want a new amp badly!


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They are A25 from 7 years ago.
No idea why I chose them, I wasn't so fussy back then
  • 55Hz - 25kHz
  • Impedance: 8ohms
  • Recommended amplifier (W): 10 - 150
  • Sensitivity: 87dB
  • Tweeter: 1" Kortec Softdome
  • Woofers: 5.25" DCD (Deep Channel Design)

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