Looking for some upgrade advice


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Looking for a little advice upgrading my system. Just about to buy a replacement TV stand unit, so everything will be getting stripped out.

I currently have a Denon 2600 AVR which I'm keeping. LGCX TV direct to Series X with eArc.

Front 3 speakers are Elac B6.2 and Elac 6 Center. There is also the 2 up firing Elac Atmos speakers and the Elac 10 Sub. So that's the front pretty much covered.

The surround speakers are currently my super old Eltak Symphony 6.2s, which bless them, I've had for 20+ years.

I'm looking at changing things up a bit. Atmos is pretty much pointless at the moment and I was thinking about switching my poor Eltaks out.

I'm thinking about either swapping out the front B6.2 for Floorstanding 5.2s and moving the B6.2s to the surrounds, or buying another pair of B6.2s and using them as surrounds. As Atmos is pretty much pointless (To me anyway) at the moment, I was also thinking about switching the Atmos speakers to the back of the room to use as rear wall surrounds into a 7.1 system instead of 5.1.2. The other option was wall mount the Atmos speakers at the front facing down.

Any thoughts?


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You could try them as front heights high up on wall if they can be mounted easily. You might like them more that way.

If it would be my money i would buy the OW 4.2 On-Wall speakers if you can wall mount the surround channels at side wall directly each side of listeners.

If that is no go, then the B5.2 would be more than enough for effect channels for typical lounge system. You would still need speaker stands which will raise the cost sadly.

Rather than buying floorstanding speakers i would sell the rather poor S10.2 subwoofer you have.

I would look something like SVS PB1000 Pro if the size isn´t issue and you would dream of more cinematic feeling. Something like this SVS could easily transform your system in big way. You typically get -10% discount for this either joining the VIP club on AVO or from other AVForums advertiser (AVF member discount). If the finish is no go then there is other options..


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Many thanks.

Do you think the Atmos speakers would work as surround sides?

Very tempted by the OW4s


It's more than likely your lack of Atmos is down to set up especially with upfiring ones. I believe the Elacs can work as normal speakers but they would need to be mounted fairly high because of the angled fronts to make sure they hit the MLP correctly. Conversely you could try them high on the front wall and in line with the fronts in an Atmos roll.

With your Elacs acting as upfiring speakers I would cross them at 150hz and increase the levels by +3dB. You can also raise the back the speaker to increase the angle if you sit a fair distance from the TV.

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