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Looking at hopefully getting the Samsung LE26R74BDX in the new year but first a couple of things that have been bugging me:

1) I have a PS2 will i still be able to play that through the TV? and get a decent picture? with a component connection?

2) Want to get a Wii as well is there something that i could buy that would increase my componnent connections?

3) We currently don't have a Tv aerial at the moment as our Tv comes from the NTL box, so as a temporary solution could i get an indoor aerial that would enable me to get a decent freeview picture? I have checked we are able to get it as we live on the South Coast.

Many thanks hopefully you guys can help:thumbsup:


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I'm not the best person to advise as I don't have this TV, but here goes:

1) You should get a decent enough picture especially if you use component, it's only on the larger size TVs that an SD source like the PS2 starts to look bad

2) You can get component switchers. For example I know that my amplifier has a component switcher built in. Typing component switcher or component switch into Froogle seems to come up with a fair few results between £20 and £60 but I wouldn't like to comment on them as I have no idea what quality they would be. You might also like to consider just getting a proper RGB scart lead (not a composite to scart block - they're far worse quality) for your PS2 and using that instead

3) I've tried getting a freeview signal with an indoor aerial booster I have and it hasn't worked. I'd be interested to hear the answer to this though, as I've now got a spare freeview box that I could connect to the TV in our bedroom.


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If you are in a weak signal area an indoor aerial probably will not work especially downstairs. An ampifier doesn't help if you have a poor signal.

Have a look at the aerials on the roofs of the houses in your area if they have been put on long poles chances are the signal is not good.


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The TV would be upstairs in my bedroom, failing that see if my Dad would get a quote for having an aerial put on the roof.

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