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Looking for some info - INDIGO Spkrs

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by agroupuk, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. agroupuk


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    Hi folks

    I am looking for any info, personal reviews etc on some Indigo speakers.

    I am looking at a whole set up for AV use consisting of the following:

    4 X Indigo One(s)
    1 X Indigo Two (cntr)
    2 X Indigo passive subs

    The 2 subs sit under the front 2 Indigo Ones making them very like floorstanders.

    The units are all new and boxed.
    No warranties tho'......

    I presently have 2 X B+W DM602 (fronts) 2 X B+W DM601 (rears on Attacama stands) 1 X B+W CC6 (centre) and a M&K VF75 (sub)
    For amplification I am still running my old, trusty and pwerful(ish) Yamaha DSP1092.
    I have a 43" Tosh back projector for everyday use and a NEC LCD projector and 10foot manual screen for films.
    2 X DVD players (one UK and one USA) and Maratz single tape deck.

    I am looking for an upgrade here - I have a budget of £250 - £300to spare.

    I have been offered £350 for my B+W speaker (not the sub!) and have seen the above set of Indigo's for £560 delivered.

    Are they any good? worth the extra over what I have?

    Any help apreciated!!

    Edited this in...
    Alternatively - what about 5 X M&K K5's? I dont realy listen to much music and could probably afford to purchase3 for the front this month and add the remaining 2 later... K5's any good? (I notice most people have bigger M&K's, I am a pauper tho hehe)



    P.S. Would I, maybe, be better off investing in a good (or couple of..) power amp(s) and seperating the sub signal from the fronts speakers with a quality high pass filter? rather than just new speakers?

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