Looking for some help with buying choice


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Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to be posting this, or not, but basically I'm looking for some help.
I'm pretty much a total newb, so feel free to treat me like one.

Basically, I want to buy a TV for my bedroom (I'm 15), and put it on my desk in the corner of my room - a space big enough for a screen size up to about 20".

At the moment I've got 4 options I'm considering. Either an LCD or CRT TV, with either a built in DVD player, or buy a separate DVD player.

I had set myself a budget of £200, but this might be stretched upward to £250/260 if there's something I really want.

I would appreciate any advice at all - on what is the best of the 4 options, and any recommendations on any TVs that fit the bill.

Also what do you think of the option of getting a refurbished TV? Are they generally reliable?
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