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Hey all,

Am totally new to PJ's but have been doing some research trying to decide what to go for. Gonna be using it for movies and a bit of PS3. Don't have a lot of money and was aiming at keeping things under £400.

Anyway, the closest thing I found was:

Acer X1230 XGA Projector (EY.J9105.001) - BT Shop

Other than that I've seen this for £200:

Sharp Projectors: Sharp XR-10X DLP projector

And a friend is getting rid of this for £150:

SharpVision Projectors: SharpVision XV-Z10E 3 LCD projector

Any opinions/feedback you guys can give me on these would be greatly appreciated!


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The Sharpvision will be best for movies as it is widescreen when the others are 4:3. It looks like the best video signal is component. The PJ is SD quality so it will downscale anything higher such as Blu Ray down to that quality. Whilst, this is not ideal, I did it for a while and it is still better than DVD quality.

I have a BenQ W100 which is also the same resolution as that Sharpvision. It also has a DVI input which means it can take a HDMI to DVI cable from a Blu Ray or PS3. Quality will be better again. A second hand BenQ W100 can be bought for £200 or under.


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Wow the sharpvision? Really? I had it in my head that was the worst (due to lowest brightness and resolution), but I guess that goes to show how much I know!

Thanks for the advice, I'll look into some prices on the BenQ. Think I also need to look into how dark my room would need to be to make a 1000lumen projector work.


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The other ones are not designed for movies. They are data projectors so they are brighter so they can be viewed in company boardrooms whch may or may not ambient lighting.

With 4:3 it means any widescreen movies will have even more bigger black borders (think of a 4:3 TV). It doesn't matter what the resolution is, it won't look as good a proper widescreen PJ.

Also, the best you are going to get out of the Acer is just S Video quality.

Perhaps your friend will show you the Sharpvision and see what you think. A DVD player hooked up will do. If you don't like it, then look at something else.

Projectors for films need the room totally dark to get the best out of them.
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