Looking for some advice on DLP. Samsung in particular


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ok some of these questions might seem noobish. Its the samsung model I am asking about.

1. I currently have an LGPX11 42" plasma. Althought I am happy I want to be HD ready. Will I see an increase in pic quality with a Samsung SP50L7HXX / TR50L7PX from Dixons?

2. What is the difference between these DLP sets and the £600 to £700 sets like the toshiba lower end models?

3. Is the screen floppy like the cheap sets? Or is it solid?

4. How deep is the set? Want to put it in same place as my plasma so cant be toooooo deep. Any links to proper specs?

5. Is £1,824.04 a good price for it including delivery? Or are there any other good suppliers I can look at?

6. Any other relevant info?

7. Just thought of another.....Does it have a bulb that will need replacing?

I know most of you guys in this section will swear by DLP, but would just like an honest opinion if I will like it better than my LG set.

Also I just noticed that it isnt HD compatible out of the box??? Says on JL website that it has "the ability to display high definition signals with the addition of a separate HD receiver (expected from late 2005)." or am I gettin the wrong idea?

Thanks to everyone that tries to help :)


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1) I think it has a better picture than any plasma (certainly for a similar price)
2) Different DLP chip, different design, different ports etc - there's a reason some sets are cheap and some are expensive - same as any technology.
3) It's pretty solid
4) Not sure of exact dimensions but it's less than a metre deep
5) That's a lot less than I paid!
6) Make sure you demo it, you may or may not be susceptible to rainbows
7) Yes it has a bulb, life is pretty good though so you're unlikely to need to replace it with normal use
As for HD compatible, it is, you just need to feed it an HD source (eg Sky-HD, HTPC, XBox-HD etc) same as any other HD television.
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