Looking for some advice on 5.1.2 placement


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Hello guys, I'll keep this short. I'm looking for advice on best ceiling speaker placement. The internet is full of it but most of them assume a center sofa position with equal space both sides.

I'm adding a pair of C165 T2's for Atmos. Included a mockup of my room layout with approx dimensions (the french doors on the left is actually open plan to another room).
I've placed the ceiling speakers in the photo in what would be the easiest place for me to add them based on the room layouts on floor above, but I'm open to everyone's advice. The red blocks are my 5.1 MA Bronze's with Bronze FX at the back sides.

The ceiling speaker in mockup is 4'5ft from back wall and 15 inches from left wall. two squares in this plan is approx 1ft.

All advice listening to and greatly appreciated.


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The ceiling speakers as per dolby specific should be in line with your tower speakers to the left and right of you. They should be in the closest positions so that the person on your left perceives the atmos as left, and the person on the farthest right perceives the sound as right - if that makes sense.

In terms of level, I'd put in line with your couch. They'll provide the most detail and impact there. I would not put them infront of you because if you upgrade to four, your soundstage above you will be a bit small (as presumably the next 2 will go behind your seating or very close to you.

I hope this makes sense.


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