Looking for simple, easy (and free) Web Design software


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As the title says, I'm looking to create a very simple web page and was looking for an easy-to-use piece of software that was either free or very cheap. Any ideas? :smashin:

Mrs AutomanUK

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Have you tried Microsoft Front page ? Even I can use that !!


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Mrs AutomanUK said:
Have you tried Microsoft Front page ? Even I can use that !!
Unfortunately that costs money!!! :( Any other suggestions? :D


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Paulie-W said:
If it`s going to be as you put it a "simple design". Why dont you try this http://www.w3schools.com/

At least you`ll learn a bit too.
A good resource, but I'm really after some kind of program to help me. But thanks! :smashin:

Mr Incredible

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A free version of Serif Webplus 6 is here.

It may not be the current release, but may have all you need, paticularly as it is a free download and free usage.

Dr Diversity

Serif is one option. I think Web Fusion also offer an old version as a free download

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