Looking for Simple Amplifier Suggestions for Classroom


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Hi there,

So this isn't the usual setup but I'm unsure i this is the proper forum topic to post under. If it is incorrect please let me know.

So the setup is actually 2 classrooms of sorts that a local youth org I volunteer with is retrofitting. We have a projector and it handles in the AV inputs. There's no budget to do a "proper" AV setup for each classroom so we are hoping to just take the component audio out from the projector, hopefully put it into some sort of small stereo amp, and then out to 2 ceiling mounted speakers. Budgets are thin, likely just what myself and maybe a couple others can suffer out of pocket, and we're hoping to keep it out of reach as much as possible from the kids (so if the amp can mount to the ceiling it's a bonus).

Audio quality is not super important. Clarity is key in this case as it will mostly be used for educational videos (think YouTube videos on how aircraft, engines, and other science/mechanical topics work). The speakers built into our laptops and the projector are honestly garbage to almost anything would be a huge improvement. I just don't want to be called in every week to "fix" stuff, or replacing it every 3 months.

Technical info:
  • There is a power outlet right beside the projector
  • HDMI goes into projector (one is a Chromecast, the other is a loose HDMI for other devices)
  • projector has component audio out (red/white)
  • speakers are TDB, but they will likely be cheap wall/ceiling mountable ones
Some things I looked at so far are:

Amazon product (could maybe find a way to mount that to the projector out of reach)

Amazon product (I've never heard of Lepai before)

Amazon product (Same with Kinter? I assume most of these are made in the same factory and just rebadged)

For speakers this is the level of basic we're talking unless someone has a good alternative that isn't too much more: Amazon product

As I said earlier we have at least 2 classrooms that require these, if the price is low enough we might do all 3 (the third one has a TV with OK speakers which they can live with for now). So any help in identifying what amp might be viable is greatly appreciated.


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Another alternative could be portable speakers?


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Another alternative could be portable speakers?
I had thought about it, but sadly if we can't screw it down it's likely to walk away. I'm not so much afraid of the kids doing stuff to it, but the building is in an iffy part of town and we've had parents and "visitors" (usually "parents" bringing in kids to "check out the program") who don't come back and after they are gone so are some loose things. We've had to put in security cameras as it's only gotten worse over time, hence why I'm trying to keep things higher up and hard to remove.

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There are many people on forums like this with spare equipment. A few months ago, someone running a school in England put a "Wanted for education" out on the Classified sales section on this forum and people donated all of the things they needed as they had them spare.

I see you're in Canada, I'd have a look at AVSforum and see if they have a Classified and ask for a kind donation to help the childred, I expect lots of people reasonably nearby will have spare equipment that they can donate.

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