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looking for retro-reflective screens in uk



hi, according to everything I've read I need a retro-reflective screen to replace my current matt white screen (the projector is at eye level) to increase the overall brightness and contrast.
Is this correct and if so any idea where i can get such a thing without selling the house to do so? my current set up seems a bit dim (i currently use a themescene h56) thanks


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Light fusion may fit your bill if you are into DIY screens

do a search or read posts in this section

if you need any info, pm myself, Mike or gary (batch 1 UK light fusioneers) or even MississipiMan direct (inverter of the concept)

you may want to wait til we have finished our screens and posted results before spending too much time but I believe someone in ireland has already done their screen and posted.
good luck

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