Looking for recommended 5.1 with receiver - small room, budget 500


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Jul 7, 2007
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I'm looking for advice/recommendations on a 5.1 speaker set-up with receiver for a small room (like a small bedroom).
It looks like this, rectangular in shape, viewing distance 7 ft.


I'm not an audiophile, but I'd like to have the best possible bang for buck. Budget is about 500 €, can be htib or not.

All recommendations are welcome.

Hi BlueWizard I've read the thread you link to but have what I have no doubt is a dumb question... what is the point of an AVR? Why can't speakers be plugged directly in to the TV instead? And is an amplifier the same as an AVR?
AVR stand for AV Receiver, which in turn functionally means a Surround Sound amp with either 5.1 channels or 7.1 channel. Each channel representing one internal amplifier.

Usually if the word AMP is used on its own with no other context, it means a Stereo amp with two channels, or put another way, two internal amplifiers.

With a low budget, a Surround Sound amp spreads your money very thin. To use an example, if you have a £500 Stereo amp, each internal amp is worth £250. However, if you have a £500 Surround Sound amp, that same money is spread across many amp and extra electronics, meaning each internal amp is worth about £62.

£62 amp vs £250 amp, which do you imagine sounds better?

However, if you want Surround Sound, then you must buy a Surround Sound amp. However, if you want the best sound a limited amount of money will buy you, then you want a Stereo.

There are some connection considerations. An AVR or Surround Sound Receiver, it easy to connect to video equipment and TV for movie watching. A Stereo amp is a bit more difficult as it does not have the same digital connections available. But under the right circumstance, it can be done.

Which you choose depends on your priorities, the more you are oriented toward movies and games, the more the decision is pushed toward Surround Sound. The more you are oriented toward music, the more the decision is pushed toward Stereo.

One way or another, speakers need amps to drive them. The TV does have internal amps to drive its tiny internal speakers, but those amps are not accessible to the outside. Though, I confess there are a very very few TVs that do allow access to the internal amps, but they are very rare.

Now, there is one additional option. If your TV has a Headphone output, then you can connect that to Active Speakers, meaning speakers that have their own built-in amps. That is a fairly cheap and easy way to get better TV sound.

Here is an example of an active speaker - Audioengine A5+ - £329/pr to £350/pr -

Audioengine 5+ - Audioengineusa.com

iPod Docking, USB charging, AUX input, good sized amps, 5" bass drivers, remote control, and many more features.


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