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Looking for receiver


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I'm looking for a receiver that will take component, composite, S-Video, and HDMI and output everything to HDMI.

My goal is to hook up a 24" LCD monitor (1900x1200 capable) in place of my CRT TV. I already have the monitor (have for about a year now) and don't wish to have to go out and buy a TV. I wish to hook up the following items:

DishNetwork receiver (It's not HD, will use either S-Video or Composite video plus optical for sound)
DVD Player (supports component, composite, S-video, and HDMI plus optical for sound)
Computer (Setting up MediaPortal or MythTV for storing my DVD's and watching Netflix)

I have a three (or so) year old Onkyo right now (that I love), however, it doesn't do HDMI, nor will it output the component inputs to composite (so I can't stick with my CRT TV anyway, plus the PC just looks terrible on a CRTas it is...)

If there is a product on newegg that would fit the bill, that would be best (I have an account there, so it's quite easy for me to order from them). I'm not married to any particular brand, though I despise Sony (mainly for their past treatment of customers). I'd like to keep the cost to somewhere around $400, if possible. RS232 control would be great, but I'm not going to expect it at that price point. ;)

Thanks for your help!


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Basically you need an amp the will 'upconvert' your video input, that is convert all you inputs to HDMI (but note it just makes them compatible, it doesn't upscale). The cheapest amps don't support this, the Yamaha DSP-AX763 does at around £280 (no s-video though), no doubt if there is a cheaper one someone post details.


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