Looking for receiver advice for Kef Ref (4 ohm) speakers

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by GJCampbell, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions for powering a Kef Ref 4.2 (front), 200C (centre), and 1.2 (rear) setup, and I'm interested in your suggestions for auditioning. They are currently powered by Cyrus aPa 7.5 mono amps (front three channels bi-amped) with a Cyrus AV8 processor, and my wife is making loud noises about how the system is taking over the lounge.

    It is currently a joint music/AV system and there are 17 separate boxes all sitting on their racks. She is keen that we down-size the "ridiculous" number of boxes to a more lounge-friendly setup. I'm not willing to compromise on getting rid of the speakers as well as the kit, so I'm really looking to see if there's anything out there (other than the obvious flagship Denon) that would cope well with 4 ohm speakers. At the moment the only one I've really considered is the big Denon...which certainly seems worth an audition.

    I would most likely separate the stereo side of the kit into a separate smaller "study" system, but I would like to keep the excitement level high for movie watching whilst reducing the box count.

    I'd welcome your thoughts.

    Many thanks,


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