Question Looking for projector screen suggestions for a VAVA Ultra Short throw that fell into my lap.


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I am going to preface this by saying I know very little about projectors. Recently an opportunity arose to buy a new VAVA Ultra Short throw projector for $1200 and I took it thinking I could just have it throw the image onto my wall. I knew using a projector screen would look better but I figured the wall would be good enough. Well when I did it I found out my wall was uneven resulting in a "wave" in the projection and that the image was pretty washed out during the day so I decided to look into projector screens... That opened up a whole new can of worms and after hours and hours of perusing if figured it would be best to ask you fine people for advice. So here are my questions.

Do I need to buy a screen specifically made for short throws?
Are VAVA screens any good and if not who would you recommend?
Do you have any other advice for a first time projector owner?

I don't need the best of the best but I would like something that would work well during the day as this projector is located in the main living room. I also think that at this point I am more interested in a fixed screen then something retractable. And finally, I do not have a set budget but I would rather not spend another $1000 on a screen at this point.

Thank you for any help.

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I’ve got to say I’ve been super impressed with the VAVA, however with all UST Projectors the screen is a big part of getting the best quality image. In my experience ALR screens enhance the image from a UST Projector a fair amount so would definitely go for an ALR screen over a standard screen.

I haven't seen the VAVA ALR pro screen yet as it is relatively new but I’m hoping it is going to be decent as their projector is really impressive as you know. I’ve used the CHIQ fresnel ALR fixed screen which really improved image quality but on really bright whites you do get reflection but is still a lot better than projecting straight onto a white wall (especially if it isn’t flat). I know you’re not keen on rising screens but Vividstorm screens i have found give the least reflection when projecting a bright image.

I hope that helps :)


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That's a bargain as they are supposed to be very good.

Definitely get an ALR screen unless you can control the brightness as it makes a huge difference. I got one form XY Screens and imported it and would recommend. I paid $800 for a 100 inch but there was import and taxes on top of that but they will help you with that if you ask them

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