Looking for portable monitor for use with Windows and Macbook


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I’ve been needing a second screen that is portable and can work for a windows laptop (provided by client) and a MacBook 2018 (for my own business).

I have been looking at reviews and it seems like a minefield as some have compatibility issues with MacBooks. I looked at an iPad as a second screen but the issue is I would need an app for windows second screen compatibility and I can’t always guarantee that I will be able to load apps to laptops that I have been provided by a client.

Does anyone have experience of portable monitors that work on both Apple and windows?


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Have a look at the Asus ZenScreen-MB16AHP, review here.

It has USB-C (DP) and micro HDMI inputs, that should cover most Mac/PC without the need for drivers so long as they have a DP or HDMI output.

Get a micro HDMI adapter for existing HDMI cables.


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Thanks for that. I didn’t realise there was a AHP model with both USB-C and micro HDMI.

So am I correct in thinking that I would need nothing further than to use USB-C for the MacBook (I.e, no other software or power supply) and then for the work laptop I use micro hdmi for the screen and usb-c to usb-a converter to plug into the laptop for power?


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I haven't looked into portable monitors specifically but as far as I know the macbooks use the standard DisplayPort protocol (over Thunderbolt/USB-C Alternate mode in some) so which compatibility issues are you seeing specifically?

Thinking about it are you talking about those that behave as external graphics devices, DisplayLink and similar, that connect via a data connection like USB? Yeah, they do require a specific driver and as far as I know Mac OS doesn't include it, it has to be downloaded separately.

USB-C carries both a standard USB data connection and has the ability to use some of it's wires to carry a DisplayPort video connection so you'd need to check which way a screen with that port was operating.


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The issue I am seeing in reviews (and I’m no expert on the technical side) is a few of the monitors have reviews on Amazon where some users love it with one type of device whereas other users with another device hate it. An example would be Zenscreen MB16ACE where it works perfectly over USB-C on a MacBook but it has issues working on windows 10 due to drivers (although I have no idea why that is).

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